At Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, we have been staying quite busy throughout the start of 2020.  We hope you have too.  As many of you already know, and some who may have been helped by our technicians, passion is in our blood.  We are extremely focused on getting our Philadelphia residents back into their assets, and out of the extreme cold.  The winters… can get a bit rough! If you happen to be stuck this winter, this summer or whenever, remember we can help with almost any locksmith situation.  From transponder keys, to offices, to house lockouts and more.  We are your one stop shop.  With decades of experience as well as an attention to detail our locksmiths come prepared to get you on your way as quickly as possible.  We 100% recommend to trust in our Philadelphia Locksmith to get you on your way!

Rekeying Your Home In Philadelphia

While we could go on and on, about the plethora of services we offer, we wanted to focus on a very important service: Residential Services, and specifically, rekeying your home.  In comparison to your prized car, your home is most likely one of your top assets.  Ensuring your family, your belongings, and your home base is safe is pivotal.  Not simply due to a loss of love or loss of money, but essentially a peace of mind.  If you can ensure your home is absolutely safe, you can sleep easier at night.  This is what TOP NOTCH is all about!  Some are more apparent than others, but here are the top reasons to get your home rekeyed this year.

Congrats!  You bought a home

Whether you immediately move out from your parents or are an annual renter, getting a house is very exciting.  There are a multitude of things you most likely MUST do immediately.  Get a new lawn mower, make sure the windows are secure, do the floors creak, meeting the neighbors and so much more!  One, which should be 100% not overlooked, is rekeying your home.  From a safety stand point, if a new build, the builders or construction crew could still have a copy.  Not pointing fingers, but things can happen!  Your realtor, who just sold you the home, may still have a copy.  If you moved into an old/used home, the prior landlord or tenant may have a copy.  You get it.  We recommend getting new locks on all doors, and potentially do a check on every single window.  Simply, we want to ensure you are aware, some keys may be out there.  We do trust people in general, but if we are speaking to the protection of your family against a potential intruder, please be safe.  Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia will arrive at your home, count the amount of locks you need, supply an accurate quote, and get the job completed.  Peace of mind is huge, and we want to make sure you have it!

Call The Police – We Have A Break In

Let us first make the over-arching statement, getting your home or car broken into is never a fun thing.  On top of your assets being damaged or stolen, your mind may also have been broken into a bit.  Perhaps you are looking over your shoulder, feeling constant anxiety or always on edge.  We understand, and we completely empathize.  We also understand, if you happened to be on vacation or at work during this break in, this STILL causes high levels of anxiety.  The worst part, this is typically when break ins happen.  Criminals aren’t all dumb, and they will monitor homes, and analyze the most opportune time to break into a home.  Our locksmith Philadelphia hopes this never happens to you, and if it does, we hope you get better over time.  If this does happen you, by far the most pivotal thing is ensuring your homes security is reset and is stronger.   We will get to your house, get new locks, new keys, and potentially a keyless entry system.  We will test all of your windows, even the second floor, to ensure your home is safe.  Not to upsell our services, but if you were broken into, we will recommend stronger protection.  Your family’s safety is of the utmost importance to us.

You Misplaced Your Set Of House Keys

Now, please take your time in searching.  We tend to hear stories, post service, of users finding their keys in the car, in the refrigerator, in some boots by the door or anywhere!  You can actually look up some companies who can attach a piece of metal to your keys, and you can use an app to locate.  This is definitely a bit cheaper than a full house rekey.  Of course, on the side of security, your keys may be stolen.  If this is in fact even close to the truth, you will want to make sure you get your entire house rekeyed.  See the above paragraph, but we recommend not testing the area.  There are good areas and bad areas in every city, but you do not want your home broken into.

Get The Right Locksmith For The Job

An auto unlock is one thing, it’s a simple job which typically involves one task.  A home rekey is a whole other type of job.  We recommend, regardless of whom you call, to try and see if the locksmith is aware of the job.  Note the amount of doors on the call, the amount of locks you may need, the amount of keys you may need, before this technician makes their way to your home.  Why? They may try to up-charge the hell out of you.  Be smart!  If you are looking for an affordable, trustworthy, timely Philadelphia locksmith, trust in Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia.  Contact us today!