Have you ever had a car broken into? It’s a frustrating experience, especially when the only thing missing is a stack of CDs from the mid-90s. You’ve got damage on the door, maybe a broken window, all for about $10 worth of stolen property. What a nightmare! Most of us carry auto insurance for exactly this sort of occurrence, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less of a pain to get the damage repaired and the stolen property reimbursed. So, instead of simply dreading how you’ll bounce back after a car break-in, take some steps to protect yourself and your vehicle! Here are some tips from the Top Notch Locksmith team to help you better protect your vehicle.

Start with the basics

First and foremost, protecting your car starts with the same steps you’d take to protect your home. Every time you leave your car, make sure the windows are rolled up and the doors are locked. No, don’t even leave your sunroof cracked open for ventilation. Cracked windows or a sun roof could indicate to thieves that you’ve left your car open for robbing.

Watch where you park

When a thief is scoping out potential targets, time is of the essence, so they are looking for options that will not take them long to break in, grab, and run. In order to make your vehicle less of a target, think about where you’re parking. Avoid areas that will help a thief hide, especially obstacles large enough to obscure a grown person, such as tall bushes or the thick concrete columns in a parking garage.

Make your car look less interesting

Most car break-ins are opportunistic in nature, so a good way to protect the goods in your car is to make it look like you don’t have enough to make a break-in worthwhile. Take the faceplate off your aftermarket stereo, don’t leave a lot of stuff in your car, and stash things out of view in your trunk if they have to stay in your car. This even means hiding the evidence of potentially expensive things, so hide the dash-mount for your navigation system, iPhone cords, and so on.

Hide the evidence of your errands

If you’re going around town and running multiple errands at once, be careful how you stash your bags. Many car thieves will find somewhere to watch parking lots, so if you’re going to store things in your trunk, do so before leaving home. If you’re going between stores, say, at the mall, try to avoid stashing things in your car then going back in as this could make your car a prime target. Only stash things away as you’re preparing to leave the area.

Add security

An added alarm system—or even just the appearance of one—can often be enough to deter a thief. Since the goal is to get in and out quickly, they will generally look for signs that the vehicle is protected. A flashing alarm light (even a fake one) can help deter a thief.

Ensure your car locks are in good repair to protect your car. Contact Top Notch Locksmith in the greater Philadelphia area for auto locksmith assistance today!