Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia wants to extend a warm welcome to everyone returning to read out blog.  As the fall season approaches, we do expect to stay pretty busy!  We the multitude of service areas we offer, we will be constantly zipping around the greater Philadelphia area.  As the temperature’s do start to change, we understand the importance of getting back into your home or your auto as quickly as possible.  Whether it is due to general discomfort or the potential for hypothermia, getting warm is extremely important.  If you are in a dangerous or potenital deadly situation from the upcoming weather, do not hesitate to find shelter before you call.  Safety for our customer is of the utmost importance!  We take our jobs and careers very seriously.  Stay safe people!

Getting locked out of your home or vehicle is probably one of the most annoying and/or frustrating things in your life.  Well, stubbing your toe on the corner table is also up there as well.  Regardless, when a person makes an incorrect decision, whether or on purpose or not emotions rise.  When emotions rise, decision making tends to get a bit blurry.  We want to remind you to relax, and we have your back! Simply search locksmith philadlephia, and we will be ready to rock!  Additionally, you may feel a bit ridiculous, but keep in mind, everyone gets locked out!  Now, what we want to do, is create awareness around being locked out.  We 100% do not want you to misplace your keys or get locked out, but if you do, we are here to help.  Here are some common reasons why users get locked out in our area.

Philadelphia Locksmith: Ensuring you don’t get locked out

  • Getting Distracted:  We understand, the world is forever spinning, and EVERYONE is busy.  Getting distracted or discombobulated during the day is a normal practice.  Well, when you get distracted, mistakes do happen.  A great example, is getting locked out.  Whether you may be running late to work, rushing into the grocery store or completely forgetting where your keys are, lockouts happen.  We want to ensure we get there promptly, and provide an extremely affordable price!
  • Lost Keys:  Now this one, can potentially be your fault, a family member or even a pet.  We do recommend keeping your keys in the same location when you get home from anything.  Ensuring you place them in the safe spot, will eliminate the potential to not misplace!  We do understand this is frustrating but we can help re-key or duplicate keys.  No worries!
  • Home Lockouts: These are by far the most aggravating.  We do understand, the initial idea is to break a window or perhaps climb to the roof: Be Careful!  If you do want to wait at least 30 miunutes or more our experienced Philadelphia Locksmith will get you inside your home in a second!

Here are some potential solutions to ensure you keep track of your keys!

  • Pass along your keys to a friend, neighbor or close family member
  • Hide an extra key at work
  • Use the fake rock trick!
  • Have keyless entry on your garage
  • Under the mat
  • Under your favorite flower pot
  • Above the door

Eitherway, whether you give your key to another person, hide it or simply have a duplicate on your person, keep your keys safe!