Are you someone who is constantly losing your house or car keys?  No no, we don’t mean theft or need a locksmith for car key repair for broken keys, our Locksmith Philadelphia leans towards in their time of need is specifically speaking to loss of car keys.  Yes, we are speaking to all the forgetful people who live in or around Philadelphia!  Now don’t you worry too much, we aren’t trying to be critical, but more in the aspect of helping our users remember where their keys may be or a back up set.  As we can greatly understand the busyness of each citizen who lives in Philly, we can also greatly assume how accidents can happen.  If you are someone who is constantly looking for your keys or even worse, constantly losing their keys, this blog may have some wonderful tips from our locksmith team.  Learn more about keeping track of your keys now!

Pro Tip #1 from our Locksmith In Philadelphia: Car Keys

Car keys, wow, we can’t tell you how many calls we get for lost car keys.  Now some car keys are only lost in the car or perhaps in the trunk or even worse… beneath the car.  We always recommend to do a thorough search of the area before reaching out to our locksmith company to assist.  Of course we will be more than happy to make an appearance and help do the initial search in a mall or grocery store parking lot, but we prefer to save you a bit of money first.  Our first pro tip is… always have a spare set of keys in/on your car or have someone you know who is close by.  Now the first one, is a bit more realistic based on time.  You have done your checks, and have now realized the keys are “lost”.  Now… you are quite the prepared individual, and by no means will you let a little misplacement ruin your day.  You simply bend down, low, and grab the safe box at the bottom of your car.  Inside?  The extra key!  Now of course you may have heard of these nifty little devices, but our Philadelphia Locksmith recommends these devices more than anything.  Actual pro tip?  Do not directly place beneath your car on any metal.  Make sure you get up in there and have it placed horizontally.  This will ensure if you are going over speed bumps or pot holes, the device isn’t ripped off.  Now the second pro tip is quite straightforward, give your keys to someone you know and trust, who lives close by.  Yes, it may be embarrassing to make the phone call, but baking a “thank you” pie vs utilizing a locksmith company?  I think you catch our drift.

Pro Tip #2 – Keeping A Second Key At Home (Cough cough, outside your home)

As the title stated, keeping an extra key at your residence, and outside is your residence is the full-proof way to ensure you never get locked out.  Of course, if your key is stolen or taken, you will most likely need to call our residential locksmith in Philadelphia.  Even so, we want to ensure this is the ONLY reason you reach out to us in respect to a lost key.  So what is the trick?  Key under mat?  Key under a fake rock?  Come on people, we can be more clever than that.  While it is almost laughable to have a key underneath a door mat or buying a fake rock at amazon placed right next to the door, you would be surprised at what we see/hear!  Now of course, the key under the mat is out.  This is no longer a viable option, and make sure to tell Grandma as well.  She is most likely still using this approach.  We do recommend placing the key in the backyard area or perhaps on the side of the house or somewhere you can climb to.  As you can tell, get creative!  Now the fake rock is not a terrible idea, but don’t make it easy.  If you can see the fake rock from the doorstep, get it together.  Clearly there needs to be more to the elusiveness of the key to your castle.  Think like a criminal and adapt.  End of the day, if you always have an extra key hidden outside, you will never truly be locked out of your home.

Pro Tip #3 – Call Our Philadelphia Locksmith Company

Of course, and this is an after the effect move, but reach out to the top locksmith company in Philadelphia, Top Notch!  We specialize in all types of car lockouts and residential lockouts.  While you may be a bit embarrassed or agitated for the loss of your house or car keys, do not fret, we have seen it all.  We just want to ensure you are safe, and we get you back into your home or car as quickly as possible.  In need of a locksmith now?  Contact our company today!