As many of us know, who commute daily or use an automobile often, there is nothing more awkward then locking your keys in your vehicle or find you aren’t able to get back into your car.  There are a ton of reasons why you are stuck in a grocery store parking lot, outside someones home at night, on a road trip or even coming out of the movies.  Even with all of these reasons compiled together, nothing comes as close as locking your automobile keys inside your vehicle.

In most of these circumstances, you do not have all day to wait for a locksmith or potentially relax and troubleshoot.  We get it, we all have places to be, and being locked out is tough.  If you are in a position to not be able to wait, due to weather, cost, time, etc, we do have a few recommendations below you can follow to get yourself unlocked.  Of course, we do recommend calling the top Philadelphia locksmith to help get you unlocked safely and quickly, but if you are in a precarious situation, please learn a bit below.

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Clearly, this is the most preferred option for the sake of keeping your asset (car) free from as much harm as possible during a potential unlock.  The locksmith will most likely use a specific way to enter the vehicle.  Perhaps a starting point of picking the lock.  Please keep in mind, and why we do recommend a professional, it is very easy to cause damage to your vehicle or vehicle locks.  If you do so, this will be quite costly down the road instead of using a professional or tenured individual.  Keep in mind, while we may have a general understanding of how to pick a lock, a locksmith will take the time to use safe and approved processes for actually picking the lock.  We also carry tools not readily available to the public.  Trust in a professional!  What is great about picking a lock, if done correctly should only take a small amount of time to get you on your way.  Pretty cool.

The O’l Coat Hanger Trick

If you haven’t heard of this technique for unlocking vehicles, we recommend asking your parents or grandparents.  This is how it used to be done!  Essentially, the idea is this: get a coat hanger, bend it in a fashion to create a hook like end, push down the car window (passenger/drive), then try to hook the manual unlock each door.  This sounds simple, but we can tell you from personal experience, it can be frustrating!  Please remember to take your time, breathe, and relax.  Howeever, before you do attempt if your door unlock does not have the ability to be hooked or looped, do not waste your time.  With newer vehicles, you can try to hit the automatic unlock button on the door, but this is also tricky.  Our best reocmmendation is to stay relaxed, but do your best to loop, strike, hit or pull the unlock button.  If you can pull this off, its one hell of a great feeling.  Keep in mind, try not to press too hard to open the window, it may crack or break.  If you do get too frustrated, do not wait, give us a shout!

Snap into a Slim Jim – No meat included

While we do not recommend due to legal complications, the slim jim technique is what many locksmiths who have licenses, and police officers use as a first attempt to get a user unlocked from their vehicles.  KEEP IN MIND, unless you have a license, are a police officer or potentially a handyman, these devices are not recommended for civilian use.  You could potetnially get into some heat if you have one in your vehicle, on your person or in use.  Trouble is police officers will not know the difference between a criminal and a user trying to get back into their own vehicle.  You may need to speak in length on who you are, and why you are doing so.  Essentially, this attack is similar to the coat hanger, except it is done from the outside.  This custom device can slide down the outside of the vehicle, next to the glass, and hunt for the locking mechanism.  Clearly, you will need to have an idea on where this is located, but this techinique can work quite well.

Overall, Contact A Professional Locksmith Philadelphia

While the above only speaks to some of the techniques you can use to get yourself unlocked, we still fully support calling a licensed individual.  These users know how to unlock, and will do their best to not harm your asset.  Safety for us first, then our assets.  If you are in need of a local locksmith, contact Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia today!