While we do specialize in residential, commercial, industry, auto, and rekeying, we would like to give some tips and tricks for making sure your garage door is working properly!  As one of the if not the biggest access point to your home, we do feel a special connection to it.  Wanted to pass some knowledge on how to troubleshoot any garage door issues.  If you potentially need another door, non garage specific, looked into, please contact our team today.

Take a moment to look at your garage door system – No really

When you get a new home or potentially purchase a new garage door, we can completely understand the hope it is functioning properly.  Furthermore, the thought process behind making regular checks on the garage door are completely pushed to the back of your mind.  Having owned garage doors, and seen a multitude over our tenure as locksmiths, we want to remind you to take moment to check it out.  Garage doors are expensive, and we can attest to it!  Having a minor repair on the garage door instead of a complete re-install, can save you a ton of money.  Take it from our Philadelphia Locksmith!

If you happen to be a bit handy or have the ability to repair, we want to urge you to help yourself!  The ability to save a few bucks with home repair is quite the great tool.  If not, please look to your nearest garage door technician or call Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia.  We are happy to point you in the right direction!  Before you do call, do a few checks: audio, visual and potentially use your nose.  Trying to hear sound or seeing sparks or smelling burning, are key indicators.  If you do feel like it is out of your realm, use a technician!

How is the structural side of things? – Tight?

Did you know, your garage door is used the most out of ANY door in the house?  Pending  you own a vehicle of course.  Crazy right?  Some statistics point to the garage door being used over 1500+ times each year.  That’s crazy!  If you have a larger family, it is most likely so much more.  Think about the wear and tear!  Now, also, think about the size of this door.  If we can speak to entry and exit doors with such vigor, think about a door weighing a TON going through this process day in and day out. Focusing specifically on opening and closing.  You can see, this door is overlooked.   Take a moment to see if the hardware is solid!  Look to the bolts, and the nuts.  Are they secure?  Are they tight? Not only are we speaking to function, but also for safety.  If a garage door is malfunctioning, you are potentially putting your home, your assets, and your family at risk!

Make sure there are no squeeks – Apply Lube

This is a pretty easy check/addition to your garage door.  Get some lube.  A really great lubricant will help the function of the garage door to operate in a positive fashion.  You could be adding on years by simply taking 10 minutes.  Getting a good lube job in can save you a ton of money in the long term!  Make sure it is lubricant made for the job, and not for personal use.

Make Sure The Cables Are Functioning Appropriately

Are your cables squeeky?  Do they potentially need to be fully replaced?  The only way to know, is to look.  Perhaps you may be able to analyze the cable strength/durability, but if you do seem to think their may be an issue, 100% reach out to a technician.  As noted above, a simple fix can be the difference of how your garage door functions appropriately.

If you are looking for some garage door assistance or perhaps some insight on how to better keep or who to get in contact with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia!