Do you live in the United States?  Do you own a home in Bensalem, Doylestown or Philadelphia?  Well then you are right in our backyard, and may have received home lockout services from Top Notch!  This blog focuses on the importance of home security.  Our Locksmith Philadelphia counts on, goes over a few specific tips on ensuring your home or residence is safe in 2021 and into the future.  While some of these tips may be well known, it is important to hit on and ensure these are taken seriously.  Ensuring your assets or family are safe is extremely pivotal.  From the every day of locking up at night, to the few days away on vacation, trust of locksmith company to take you through some of the higher level items on safety!  Learn more now.

Our Locksmith in Philadelphia Recommends Increasing Home Safety

As a citizen of  the United States, reports are released by our government agencies on crime rates in America.  From your local police to the FBI, these reports are made public, and are completely accessible.  Recently a study noted near 8,000,000 crimes were committed in the past year.  While this number is quite high, it is actually on the decline over the past decade, near 20%.  Wild isn’t it?  The total number can be so high, but we are actually showing improvement?  With this in mind, and unfortunately, crime is still very present.  While some may have a peace of mind for living in a specific area or neighborhood, we do still recommend a word of caution.  Crime can happen anywhere and at any time.

Have A Plan – Set The Plan – Act On The Plan

While we like to assume we are prepared in case of an emergency, most of the time… this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Take some time to walk out your emergency plan or take steps to ensure your whole family is prepared for an emergency.  Whether this is a break in or perhaps a fire, having a plan of action for you and the entire family is pivotal.  Here are a few tips or ideas to follow below in case of an actual break in.  While this can be terrifying, it’s also to remember, “We’ve practiced this, we are ready!”  Please also keep in mind, some of these requests are very basic, but important!

  1. Are you aware of which windows or doors are open in your house?  Definitely the doors, but the windows?  Go do a quick check and ensure all windows are locked.  You would be greatly surprised how most break-ins actually do not involve a break in at all!  Do your checks nightly or weekly until you are 100% sure.  Yes… even the 2nd floor windows.  Do not forget about the basement!
  2. Put yourself in the mind of the burglar… how would you do it?  Remember most thieves wait till you are not at home to make the attack.  Try to figure out how they would do it.  Any weak doors or soft spots?  Test them!
  3. Getting a new home or abode?  Make sure to switch up all locks.  You never know… there may be an ulterior motive and the hold homeowners may want t come back in.
  4. Keep your lights on! – Criminals will be deterred if they see lights.  Remember that movie where the kid is trying to keep out the criminals?  Little cardboard cutout action while on vacation?  It works!
  5. If you system is damaged… fix it.  You are leaving yourself wide open for any criminal
  6. Be smart with your spare.  Do not put under mat or rock or doorstep or mailbox or something so completely obvious a child could find it… be smart.

Our Philadelphia Locksmith Focuses On Windows

Windows being locked, clearly a given, but did you think about these as well?  Make sure, if you own an AC, it is locked into place and not simply hanging there.  While we do know it is a pain to get the damn thing in place, make sure it stays there.  You would be surprised how often a user can break in through the ol’ AC unit.  Another fun addition, secure your windows more with deadbolts.  Almost makes breaking in, impossible.  Deadbolt those windows!  If you want to go very protective, get some motion activated sensors for your windows.  The police, your alarm system.. and most likely the neighbors, will be alerted upon a break in.

How About A Door or Two?

Did you know the aesthetics of your exterior matter?  Criminals will use trees or bushes to scope out their next steal or really the homeowners.  You could be sitting, relaxing in your living room while a criminal is outside taking notes.  By no means are we trying to scare, but less is 100% more when we are speaking to doorways – front or back.  Another addition we almost mandate: deadbolts, deadbolts, deadbolts.  Have you ever tried to kick down a door with just a lock vs deadbolt?  Probably not… but if you get a chance, you will 100% see the difference.  The amount of protection a simple deadbolts adds is tremendous.  Speaking of kicking a door down… we recommend finding an open space or crack before you do so.  THIS IS THE SAME for a criminal.  Make sure your doors are solid, and secure.

Contact Our Top Notch Locksmith PA

We want to ensure our demographic and realistically our geographic is doing everything possible to stay safe.  While we do value your business, we 100% want to ensure the call shouldn’t happen in the first place.  Well, we are happy to rekey, but aren’t 100% stoked to hear about a break in.  Get ahead of it!  Contact our locksmith company in Philadelphia today!