Have you recently been locked out of your home? Our Philadelphia locksmith gets daily phone calls and messages about this specific instance!  Do not worry, we most likely have heard every single excuse on being locked out of your house.  We just want you to be safe, and ensure your property is safe as well.  Being a tenured locksmith in the Philadelphia region, we happily service users in: Bensalem, Levittown, Doylestown, Upper Darby and more.  With multiple locations, we are able to provide the best possible price, and extremely fast service.  We will always give a transparent price on the phone, as well as a specific timeframe we will be able to arrive.  If this is outside your timeline, we will happily recommend another business or service.  Getting you into your home, auto or commercial business is of the utmost importance.  While we have mentioned this specific type of locksmith service in our past blogs, we wanted to reiterate some very straightforward, but needed reminders for being locked out.  Learn more now!

Do It Yourself? – Our Locksmith In Philadelphia does NOT recommend

As an initial word of caution, unless you have a few years of picking locks, we do NOT recommend attempting to break in or DIY.  We have seen a fair amount of instances where the user/owner, in good faith of course, actually causes in increase in price by further damaging the keys or the lock.  No kidding right?  If you do approach the edit yourself, and you do perhaps make a mistake, we can almost guarantee the need for a brand new lock/replacement.  This will escalate the type of job, and overall cost.  Now, not simply to note on your potential failure at DIY locksmithing, but also a point on safety.  We by no means want you to try and repair a lock, but a lot of people will just “wing it” and attempt to get into their homes from another spot.  Have you recently climbed up your roof?  Scaled to the second story window?  While we cannot presume your athleticism, we can presume the cost to repair a broken back vs getting into your home from a trusted locksmith in Philadelphia.  Of course, you may see this as a challenge, so at least make this attempt during the daytime.  At night, clearly some disadvantages: no vision or limited and… yeah, mistakes can happen.  Stay safe people!

Safety First – We Can’t Reiterate Enough

Now we have noted the need to try and keep your body safe above.  Clearly, let’s not fall off our house :).  It is important to also reiterate your physical safety while outside our car, home or business.  Let’s break this down a bit too.

Home Lockouts

As we have commented above, if you are have misplaced your keys or in the middle of a home lockout, the daytime is bar far the best time to be locked out.  Let alone the warmth we receive as humans from the sun or the fact it is just safer in the daylight, by far the preferred time.  If you are locked out at night, and while we do believe Philadelphia is generally a safe place, please ensure you take steps for your own safety.  Locking yourself in your car or waiting at the curb with a light or… if you are feeling more anxiety, give the local authorities a call.  They will be happy to wait with you until a locksmith company comes by.

Car Lockouts In Philadelphia

This one also somewhat depends on weather and time of day.  If we are speaking to now, February 2021, you better get inside somewhere real quick.  With freezing temperatures and overall, not great weather, your physical safety is imperative.  Take a walk back into the building you came from and get warm.  Whether the locksmith will be able to arrive quickly and/or it may take a bit, it is always recommended to call a family member, just in case.  Now of course, if its night out of the business/area you exited is closed, we recommend to remain calm.  It may actually be safer to contact the police immediately.  Since it is nighttime, and perhaps cold out, this is more of an emergency situation.  Make sure you are safe!

Entertainment May Help The Time Go By

While this may be more of a mental approach to being locked out, entertaining yourself will distract a currently focused mind on peril.  While 10-20 years ago, this wasn’t exactly possible, we now have the world at the palm of our hands.  Open up a digital book, play a game or surf the internet.  With your brain distracted, you will be surprised how quickly the time will fly by!  We welcome to do this in life as well, but just a heads up… your boss may not like it.

Keep Calm and Call Our Philadelphia Locksmith

The biggest and most important tip… is to stay calm.  While embarrassing or potentially a day ruiner, we do not want it to escalate into more.  The common saying?  Don’t let a minor problem turn into a major catastrophe.  As Top Notch Locksmith is just a “locksmith near me” search away, do not fret, and trust in our expert team.  Get a locksmith quote now.