With the overall increase in packages being delivered, we have started to hear more and more stories of theft from homes.  Whether this is due to the general increase in online ordering, the past 2020 pandemic year or simply the FREE SHIPPING option which comes with Amazon, our locksmith Philadelphia has learned to lean on, simply hates when packages are stolen from homes.  Being in the safety and protection business, this type of theft truly hits home.  Not only do we understand hard work, but we truly cannot comprehend how some people can directly take advantage of others: especially when we are all considered neighbors.  While we do not anticipate the delivery of packages to slow down, the best we can do is offer some advice on how to potentially prevent thieves from lifting your new purchase.  Learn more below:

CCTV – May Be Your Best Bet

Has a friend or family member purchased a CCTV or recording system for their home?  You should probably too!  From Bensalem, to Doylestown, to Levittown, to Philadelphia these systems are becoming more and more prominent.  Why?  The ease of use and the peace of mind!  These types of unique systems will run all day, and all night.  If you want more than one, we fully recommend it!  From door, back door, and even perhaps one on the roof to show people walking by.  A great addition to CCTV is the ability to link all to one type of central system.  You are the sole owner of this footage, and no one has access, unless… you give it to them.  While you may be at work or on vacation, a huge plus is the ability to view your home in real time.  You can get alerted if anyone, friend or foe, steps on your door.  This is a great way to forward information to the police or perhaps yell at users.  Oh yes, some systems allow you to mic in and make “polite” commands.  We have all seen the youtube videos, but these types of systems 100% exist!

There are some options you can take in respect to CCTV, the hearty wired version or the more elusive wireless system.  Either or will work great, but some homes or businesses will prefer either or.  While we personally like the wireless systems the hard wired have many advantages, but mainly the inability to lose connection when you need it most.  Without the wireless feature, information is transferred seamlessly to your device or storage systems.  While this may just be one alluring feature, the other is the power the wires can provide to devices.  No need to solar panels or batteries.  Keep in mind, wired systems will take a bit to install, and you may need to alter your home to allow for the wires to pass.  Get ready to spend a bit more for these robust systems.  Wireless, on the other hand, will typically require wifi to activate and use.  Additionally, it may be a bit cheaper, but you will also need to factor in the costs for replacing batteries.  At the end of the day, these devices are quite user friendly, and are great for conserving power. To each their own, for sure.

Smart Locks – The Future For Our Philadelphia Locksmith

In comparison, these types of locking devices are used and controlled typically through a cellular device.  This allows an insane ease of use to lock and unlock your doors or windows with the click of a button.  If you need to let a delivery driver into your home or perhaps pass the code temporarily, then change up, you can do so!  These types of locks are similar to CCTV devices alike, and will allow for audio connections, as well as immediate updates of a user entering a specific area of location.  You can setup automatic alerts or manual alerts as well.  All you receive is a simple text, open the app, and WHO or WHAT is at your door.  Keep in mind, like all apps (should you use your cell phone specifically), can be hacked.  Take your time to research the best possible apps or systems before you install.  DO YOUR RESEARCH!

What Time Will Your Package Arrive?

A simple tip, but effective – ensure you are home when your package arrives.  As technology continues to evolve, and delivery companies continue to try and hit customer needs, you can actually choose specific time frames or close to exact times for your package to arrive.  Try to choose companies who allow this option!  If specific times don’t work best, heck, try and get the company to deliver on a specific day.  If you work downtown everyday, but live up in Bucks County, we recommend the weekend when you are home!  While this may be quite remedial, it is very important if you don’t want to purchase systems for your home.  (we still recommend it).

Call Your Philadelphia Locksmith Company

If you are looking to increase the security on your home or business, we truly recommend investing in CCTV or a Smart Locking System.  The benefits definitely outweigh the initial costs or the potential disasters.  Especially when you are purchasing more higher end gifts.  Please keep in mind, we are not limiting these systems to just the idea of package theft.  They range to commercial business protection and residential home safety as well!  Contact our locksmith service today for more information.