Many residents in Philadelphia absolutely love living in the city, day in and day out.  The wonders of Philly are only surmised by the beauty of the architecture.  Even so, a wonderful day can turn into complete disaster if you happen to: misplace your car keys, lock yourself out of your home or potentially need to rekey an entire apartment complex for a new tenant.  Who do you call?  Who can you trust?  We don’t typically think of Locksmiths as superheroes, but in these specific circumstances, they are.  Its important, when you are locked out, an experienced Philadelphia Locksmith arrives on time, the price is fair, and overall they have a positive attitude.  No one needs a Debbie-downer when they are in a precarious situation.  Please keep in mind, it’s not the easiest to find a trust locksmith when you may be in trouble.  We do recommend having a top Locksmith company, such as Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, to call in your time of peril.

If you aren’t familiar with Top Notch, you will still most likely find us by searching, locksmith near me, in the Philadelphia region.  We are highly rated, and highly reviewed, with the ability to handle almost any job.

Why Choose Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia?

If you are looking for a business to handle the job effectively and timely on the first approach, you should trust in Top Notch.  With over 20+ years of locksmith experience, we have seen it all.  For example, it’s been a long long day.  You took your kids to the zoo, it was wonderful, but clearly everyone is tired and needs to rest.  You walk up to your door, put your hands in your pocket… and “uh oh”.  You press your face up to the window and you can see your keys… on the table.  STAY CALM, this kind of situation happens all the time.  It is important you give a credible and refutable locksmith company a call to help in your time of need.  Even though a growing feeling on unrest is building, you can ensure Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia will be over in a jiffy.  We have multiple offices and multiple technicians who can help turn your disaster into a night of relief.  Keep in mind, if we are not available, we fully recommend calling a locksmith with high star ratings on google, as well as a multitude.  Do not trust in a brand new locksmith.  New locksmiths may not be licensed or insured.  If they happen to break your door, you may be held liable.  Not great, but its the reality we are living in… in Philadelphia.

Locksmith Services: Included but certainly not limited to

If you may have been under the impression locksmiths only work on cars, you are gravely mistaken.  As this blog, and many others have noted, we work on a plethora of types of locks, types of buildings, and types of vehicles.  Read more on a few of these below:

As we noted, please ensure when hiring a locksmith, they are insured, bonded, and licensed.  Top Notch can truly help you out of any problem, but an unlicensed locksmith could just be another issue.

Key Services we include, but not limited to:

  1. Key Replacement services: It’s important if you have a faulty or old key, you get this key replaced as quickly as possible.  This speaks to home or auto.  You don’t want to be outside or in a rough situation due to a faulty key.  If you have a tough time leaving the things you love, simply get another replaced… just in case
  2. Brand New Keys (home or auto): Clearly if you lose a key or the key breaks, this is a problem.  Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia has the tools for success, and can make almost any new key for your home or auto.  We source our products efficiently so you get the best price overall.
  3. Getting Keys Programmed: Faulty key, broken chip or another tech issue?  Top Notch can ensure we get your keys programmed effectively.

Contact Our Locksmith In Philadelphia Today

Whether you are locked out of your commercial property, need a safe opened or simply need to get into your car, Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia is ready on call.  We focus on being on time, pricing, and overall an award winning attitude.  If you are left in a tough situation and are in need of a locksmith, contact us today!

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