As we put the old year behind us, many people across the globe will be making resolutions as a way to start the new year off on the right foot. While you’re preparing for the coming new year and thinking about all the changes you want to make, we have a suggestion: the new year is a perfect time to check up on your home’s over all well-being and security. If you’re just now tuning in to the Top Notch Locksmith blog, be sure you don’t miss part 1, with our first few home security tips. In addition to the lock checks and upgrade options we suggested last time, you may also want to try:

Viewing Your Home As A Burglar

By this, we mean it’s a good idea to take stock of your home in order to make adjustments that will make your home less of a target for burglary. If you’re unsure what we mean, we highly recommend this study from a team at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. That survey combines responses from hundreds of convicted burglars to give you an idea of what burglars look for when selecting potential targets. One of the big elements many burglars admitted made a house a good target was the availability of hiding places. So, in order to help make your home more secure, it’s a good idea to ensure there is a clear line of sight to any potential entrances—and that means windows, not just your doors. Trim bushes, move patio furniture, and take any other steps necessary so potential burglars won’t have anywhere to hide as they try to break in.

Making Security Obvious

Another big element that deterred potential burglars, according to that study, was the visible appearance of home security measures. So if you have a home security system, don’t bother trying to sneakily hide those sensors and cameras! 83 percent of the burglars polled in the study said they checked for a security system, and of that group, 60 percent said they would choose a different target if they could see security markers. Of course, burglars aren’t as likely to be deterred if all you have is a security system sign in your yard—that’s an old trick and may not be enough. You’ll need to actually have components of a security system, and make sure they’re visible to burglars.

Finding Trustworthy Locksmith Help

Who is better to trust with your home’s security than those who know locks best? Your local locksmiths have the knowledge and experience to help you figure out the best way to secure your home. However, locksmithing is one of the most frequently scammed industries, so be sure you’re finding trustworthy local assistance! Read our past blogs to learn what to look for.

Start the new year the best way possible: with a well-secured home. For local, experienced locksmith services in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, trust your home to Top Notch Locksmith. Contact us today to see how we can help you secure your home and more!