For most of us, it’s hard to remember a time before transponder key fobs became the norm. Now, it’s just a habit we don’t even need to think about; just point, click, and unlock the car before even reaching it. When armfuls of groceries get in the way, it’s a pretty handy invention. But when that little key fob dies, it can be a bit of a pain. Sure, the car will still unlock with the actual physical car key, but who’s got time for that? Well, we have good news for you! There’s no need to spend hours waiting for a walk-in appointment at your local car dealership. If you’re having car key or lock issues, your local mobile locksmith can likely help you out!

Car Key Repair

Most dealerships will tell you that they are the only ones who can handle transponder key repairs. And, to an extent, this is true. The way the automatic lock system in your vehicle relies on a specific signal that is set up in both the transponder key and the lock itself. There’s a small electronic receiver in the lock system that engages or disengages based on a signal that is sent each time you press the button on your key fob. The reason your transponder key doesn’t open every single car in the parking lot is because each vehicle and key fob is programmed with an individual signal. In order to ensure your key fob and car locks match up after repair work, anyone working on either portion will need specialized equipment.

However, this is where the dealerships mislead you: they aren’t the only ones who have that specialized equipment. Many auto locksmiths also have the same technology. This means you don’t have to wait for hours at the dealership for a quick car key repair. In fact, locksmiths can do more than just replace batteries. We can repair or replace transponder keys and ensure the new key will work properly with your vehicle.

We Fix Car Locks Too

Yes, that’s right, your local locksmith can help with car lock issues just as well as we can help with car key repairs. If you have a car lock that struggles to turn, or a key that keeps getting stuck, your local mobile locksmith can likely help with that too—no lengthy or costly trip to the dealership required! In a similar manner to how we can re-key a house lock, a mobile locksmith can come and pop a lock, extract a key broken off in the lock, and even repair or replace both car locks and the ignition. And, of course, a mobile locksmith will have the tools with them to repair or replace a car key to go with any work that has to be done to the car locks so everything will remain one cohesive system.

If you need car key repair or replacement, help with your car locks, or even car key duplication, let your local locksmith help you out quickly. Contact Top Notch Locksmith for mobile locksmith services in the greater Philadelphia area!