As we started in our prior blog, What to do if you lost your car keys in Philadelphia , our Philadelphia Locksmith wants to take you through a few types of common questions about losing your car keys, needing to speak to the dealer and more.  While we completely understand this situation can be above and beyond frustrating, we do want you to practice patience.  If all else fails, get in touch with a locksmith company who can help you in your time of need.  Whether we are speaking to a lost key, a broken key or a temporarily misplaced key, Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia will be there to help.  Read a bit more on the topic below!

My Car Keys Are Truly Missing

As noted in the prior blog, if you do have your keys (broken/damaged) Top Notch can get you on your way with a duplicate or a repair.  Now, if you truly, truly cannot find your keys, please take a moment and look to our google maps page.  As tenured, reviewed, and trustworthy, we would be more than happy to help.  Whether you choose us or another company, their sole goal should be to get you on your way.  One of the first steps is to reset your cars locking mechanism or system.  This allows the older set, which is currently lost or stolen, to become completely useless.  We do recommend checking and checking and checking again to ensure you truly did lose your keys.  If we are speaking to specific makes and models, the locksmith may need to reset your doors, and perhaps the ignition.  Of course this depends on the age, and may seem a bit drastic, but in order to program the new key, we must rid of the old system.

Keep in mind, if you want to be on your way as quickly as possible, there are a few specific things your locksmith will need.  Think about it as getting the locksmith prepared for the job ahead before he or she arrives.  Not only are you doing a courtesy to the technician, but getting you on your way is our goal!  Make sure to have these aspects ready to roll: make and model, registration (ID/number), your VIN, your drivers license information (not all the time), and of course, where you are specifically located.  You may be thinking… is this all necessary?  While we do like to assume all people are good and honest, we also need to protect our business.  We will have the ability to see if you truly are the car owner, is it actually your vehicle and more.  The most important part?  This helps us get your car programming reset completely and effectively.  Keep in mind, we have been in business for a fair amount of time, and have seen a multitude of different circumstances!

Can my Philadelphia Locksmith help with any key?

As a part of the tenured and respectable locksmith community, Top Notch will be able to assist with almost all makes and models.  Now, and of course pay attention in your car buying process, we cannot handle all types.  Specifically import vehicles.  Some of these types of keys NO locksmith can handle.  You will need to 100% contact the dealership in order to get this taken care of.  Other than the note, we should be able to handle almost all types of cars.  If not, we will point you in the direction of a locksmith who can or more specifically, the dealership.  If you have another type of vehicle, non-standard auto, PLEASE PLEASE be sure to mention this on the phone.  This includes: motor bikes, scooters, heavy duty trucks, semi trucks, RVs, and more. Simply ask, and we will explain!

If I lost my key, can you make a new one?

If we could go into a few words, the answer is of course.  Whether we are speaking to Top Notch or another type of locksmith company, we all have the tools for success.  If we are speaking to reprogramming, key cutting or matching a key, most locksmiths should be able to handle the job.  While many do assume, we do not need/mandate the auto code when you reach out, you simply need the information we noted in the above paragraph to complete the task at hand.

Is the Dealership a must?

Typically the answer is most likely a resounding no.  Then again, and noted above, if you have in import model, this perhaps is likely.  Many locksmiths are able to duplicate transponders.  Did you know?  If not in import, many dealerships actually reach out to locksmiths to help out!  Clearly, if you are doing the math, you save a boat-load calling a locksmith instead of the dealer.  We recommend them as a last resort!

Can Top Notch help with my fob?

If the locksmith has the right tools for success, they should be able to help with any type of fob: key or electronic.  They typically can use a blank key fob and program is correctly to match your make and model.

Contact Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia

If all else fails, and you have too many questions this blog or another resources could not answer, reach out to Top Notch.  We specialize in the Philadelphia region, and our technicians can arrive promptly, with a great price, and an award winning smile.  Contact us today.