While Philadelphia may not be as alluring a vacation spot as, say, a beachside property in Hawaii or a ski chalet in the Rocky Mountains, our fair city still attracts a hearty number of tourists every year. After all, Philadelphia is a city rich in American history, in addition to all the amazing culture, food, and sporting events. There is plenty to bring people from across the country to visit our fair city and, thanks to sites like Airbnb and VRBO, it’s becoming easier for locals to capitalize on the economic boost those tourists bring to the area. Maybe you have a historic home that you’ve been thinking about renting out while you’re out of town, or you purchased a fixer-upper to use as an income property. Renting out your home on occasion or renting a second property for travelers can be a great way to make some additional income, but you will want to take a few steps to prepare the property before you start taking reservations.

Precautionary Measures

Vacation rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO make it a pretty easy and painless process to get set up for renting out a home, condo, or other privately-owned property. Most of those vacation rental sites will guide you through crafting a rental agreement to protect your property. For example, that rental agreement is there to help you in the instance of any damage done by vacationers; it will likely mean you can keep the deposit to pay for damages and be legally protected. On top of a good rental agreement, the other big concern for vacation rentals is how to make it easy enough for vacationers to access while keeping your property secure.

Vacation Rental Security

In order to protect your property, especially if you don’t live near enough to check on it regularly, it’s understandable to want to put additional security measures around your property. Maybe that means an alarm system, maybe it means security cameras, or maybe it means extra locks. The flip side of this is that you don’t want to put so many security measures in place that your renters can’t access the property. So what’s the best option? Ditch the keys for a great security option without the hassle.

Keyless Entry Systems

A keyless entry is pretty much what it sounds like; it’s a system that replaces the deadbolt (and occasionally the doorknob) and requires a passcode to disengage the lock. What this means for a vacation rental is greater security. When you have a new renter coming in, simply give them the door code. No more worrying about how to get the keys to them or whether a renter makes copies of your keys for later. Even better, most newer keyless entry systems connect to your home’s WiFi signal, so you can change the code remotely as often as you need. And, for your own peace of mind, nearly all of the keyless entry systems out there are designed to lock automatically after a few minutes. This way, you never have to worry about whether renters locked the door behind them.

Locksmith Solutions

If you’ve been thinking about renting out a property as a vacation home, keeping it secure is easier than you may expect. Your local locksmiths can install keyless entry systems on any door you choose for added security inside and out. Want further security assistance? Your local locksmith can also do a walkthrough of the property and offer additional measures you may want to take. Ready to get started? Contact Top Notch Locksmith for professional locksmith services in Philadelphia and across the greater Philadelphia area!