We can completely understand, life is stressful, especially in the Philadelphia area.  With all the excitement from kids, to work, to relationships, to money, to worries, to everything, things can get a bit crazy.  We get it, and we understand.  Things can get overlooked.  Coming home from work, dealing with the insane traffic from Philadelphia DMA on your way home, focusing on that most recent project, and keeping your head together while anticipating a long night.  Its actually more common than you think to go through an entire day while not thinking about your house keys sitting at home, on the counter waiting for you to get back.  Even so, at some point you will need to get back home, and this can turn into an issue.  On the flip side of the coin, it could be you JUST leaving the house, and realizing you left your keys in the home.  Perhaps its a bit too late to even turn around, since you are halfway to work and your boss said, “I will fire you, if you are late again!”.   Once of those situations.  On top of all of this, and the focal point of the blog, our Philadelphia Locksmith has seen many times where pets are also inside the home, while you are locked out.  Now if pets are involved in the conversation the potential minor issue, can turn into a major problem.  Even an emergency.  Even so, there are potential solutions, Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, can specifically help you with.  As a tenured, and trusted, Philadelphia Locksmith, we have seen it all.  Take a moment to read below on some ways Top Notch can help before your pet turns your home into a disaster zone!

The Best Locksmith Philadelphia Can Rely On

Since our company is headquartered in Philadelphia, most to all of our employees are too.  This give us the availability to stretch to every corner of Philadelphia quickly and effectively.  We have definitely seen situations where pets need help, when we potentially lock ourselves out, and our beloved furry friends inside.  If you are already on your way to work, and cannot make it back home to be there, we can handle it.  Just send us a text in writing, giving us permission to enter the home.  Now keep in mind, we do not have the time to go looking for your key in the house, so please make sure you know where it is.  If not, we can always leave a back door unlocked.  Again, all of this must be done with permission, and this must be an emergency situation.  If we do find the key, we can leave it under the door mat, a rock or with a close neighbor.  This is something we are able to do, but please keep in mind, we are not liable for anything happening to your home, should we leave it open per your request.  Now if you have the time to wait for a technician to arrive after work, you can schedule an appointment time, and we will be waiting for you to arrive home.  We will get you into your building as quickly as possible to ensure your home and pets are safe!  Hopefully nothing is destroyed or damaged.

Emergency Philadelphia Locksmith Services

Now, this situation may be deemed as an emergency.  As noted above, we have a very broad reach across the Philadelphia region.  For any reason, even pet related, you may need us immediately, please do not hesitate to reach out.  If we happen to be on a job or unable to make the emergency phone call, we will do our best to help direct you to the next best recommended company in the area.  This is promise.

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If you are in need of a residential locksmith, commercial locksmith or simply a technician to help get you to where you need to be, Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia is happy to help!  Contact us today!