Welcome to December!  Its the time of the year where family members come together from all over the US to celebrate the joy of happiness, togetherness, and the holidays.  Whether you follow a certain religion or simply love the joy of the holiday spirit, we hope from Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, everyone has a wonderful and happy time this holiday break.  Give a bigger hug, drink a bit more, and have a great time!  Its almost 2020!  With all of the happy festivities in mind, this unfortunately is a time for any car driver, truck driver or motor enthusiast to be locked out of their vehicle.  Philadelphia Car lockouts are definitely highest during the winter months, and especially in December.  As a trusted and tenured Philadelphia locksmith, we would like to give some examples on how to keep your keys on your person, but more so, if you do get locked out this holiday season, how to keep the stress levels low.  Take a moment to read a few tips and tricks from the professionals.

First and foremost, Call Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia

If you happened to lock your keys in the trunk of a vehicle or left the on a seat, it would be in your best interest to have a car locksmith on hand.  Especially one you can trust.  During the holidays or really any time of the year, it would benefit any citizen in our area to have a person you can trust to: be on time, use affordable pricing, and keep you safe.  Getting you on your way is of the utmost importance.  Now think of locking yourself out, and having the gifts you just bought trapped in the car.  Talk about a nightmare.  On top of the already stressful issue, we know how intense the weather can get in December in Philadelphia.  Talk about windchill.  If you happen to have a locksmith you can trust,  this would be huge.  Top Notch has the ability to be onsite, and ready to work almost immediately.  Car lockouts, trunk lockouts,  and more, are our specialty.  If you happen to have used us in the past or potentially are looking for a technician to go above and beyond, please do not look any further than Top Notch.  Check out our happy customers now!

Keep A Key, Keep A Secondary Key

If you are looking to take control of your life, and potentially not call a locksmith in need, keep a spare key.  Yes, its a given, but you would be suprised how often users have a secondary key, but left it at home.  Whether you are traveling to a loved ones home or on a road trip, keep a second key in your purse or in your wallet.  Think of the “aha” moment, when you are bale to get yourself out of the bind.  Now, we do recommend, in ADDITION to the wallet or purse, using a magnetic strip placed on the bottom of your car.  Be sure to find a solid piece of metal.  Why we noted in ADDITION to, is in light of it dropping off.  Whether you lose your wallet or the magnetic box drops off, you will at least have a backup.  Keep a key, and keep a secondary key.  We do value your ability to  remember things, but keep in mind, a backup can be huge!

Put A Calling Card, On Your Keys

What?  Yep, we recommend attaching a comment card or an ID card to your keys.  This will allow someone, who is trustworthy, to see a set of keys on the ground in a parking lot, grocery store, convenience store or other, to reach out to you, and get you your set.  Think about how your keys already may look like a janitor set.  What is one more key? 🙂  All jokes aside, it is a simple addition which is extremely cost effective.  Go to a local hardware store, get a piece of plastic, write on the piece of paper, and attach to your keys.  Will save you in the long run.

Make Sure Your Are Prepared To Enjoy

While we do insist on being constantly vigilant, we also want you to be safe for your trip.  If you take the time to add the second key, ensure the lockbox is set on the car, and have a calling card, your mind will be a bit more at ease. Another easy addition to ensure your trip goes well: give a second key to your shotgun driver.  They can easily toss you the key if you accidentally forget.  The power in number is real!

If you happen to be locked out, trust the experts at Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia to help get you on your way.   Contact us now