If you have ever stayed in a hotel, you likely know how handy it can be to use an electronic, keyless lock. But did you know that keyless locks aren’t just made for businesses? In recent years, many of the most trusted lock brands have started releasing electronic keypad locks and other keyless entry options made specifically for residential purposes. If you’re interested in boosting the security on your home, it’s time to call your local Philadelphia locksmith to make a move, and here’s why: 

Keyless Entry Locks Let You Take Control

There are so many reasons that we need to share keys with people who don’t live in the house. Whether you have a home helper like a housekeeper, or you simply want a neighbor to be able to check on your home when you go out of town, it’s common to make a spare key or two to hand out to others. However, those spare keys are a security hazard, simply because there is no way to track if someone makes additional copies — and no easy way to track if someone breaks into your home using a duplicated key. 

Keyless entry locks let you take back control over who has access to your home. Most residential electronic locks these days connect to your home’s wifi, which gives you a lot of capabilities. First, the wifi connection means you can change the access codes remotely, as often as you choose. In many instances, keyless entry locks also allow you to have several active codes at once, so that each member of the household can have their own unique identification code. The second part of this is that you can set up to get notified any time someone disengages the lock. That means you can see which code was entered in real time, and you can get notified if anyone is opening your doors when they aren’t supposed to. 


Limit Access on Your Schedule

One of the biggest differences between a traditional deadbolt and a keyless entry lock is that you can control who has codes and when they work. If you need to restrict access to someone who used to have access to your home, simply delete their code. It’s a lot easier than trying to track down spare keys and hoping that no duplicates were made — or calling your local Philadelphia locksmith every time you change services. 


Make Life Easier

Not only are you helping boost the security on your home, but keyless entry locks also make life a little easier because you don’t have to worry about where your keys are. Instead, simply plug in the appropriate code — which you set — and you’re in. And, as a safety bonus, most electronic locks re-engage automatically after a set amount of time, so you can stop worrying about whether you remembered to lock the door when you left. 

Keyless entry locks are a great way to boost your home security, and there are a range of options to match the existing hardware on your doors. Connect with your local Philadelphia locksmith team to learn more and schedule your new lock installation today!