When something happens to your car, most of us choose to turn to our auto insurance provider for help. After all, accidents happen; insurance is there to help us protect against those unforeseen circumstances. For example, if someone happens to rear end you or side-swipe your car because the road is icy, that’s a situation that’s more difficult to predict or prevent, so auto insurance will often help you pay to repair the damage. However, what do you do when something happens to your car, but isn’t because of an accident or collision? For many of us, depending on the issue, the first answer is to call roadside assistance. But, if something is wrong with your car’s locks or ignition, is that covered by roadside assistance?

Cause of the Problem

First, let’s talk about the difference in who to call depending on various circumstances. If you’ve been in an accident, the first step is usually to call emergency services and contact your auto insurance. However, those steps are overkill (and generally not useful) for issues with your car from normal wear and tear because, unfortunately, auto insurance isn’t designed to cover regular use of your vehicle. So, if you’re having issues with your locks or ignition, the first question is: what caused the issue? If you can’t lock your car because the door is dented from a collision, you’ll probably want to call your insurance to see about getting those repairs covered by your policy. However, if your car lock or ignition has slowly become more difficult to turn over time, that’s going to fall under usual wear and tear, and your auto policy isn’t likely to help. For many repairs, you’ll need to go to your local dealership or mechanic; however, if the issue is with your locks, keys, or ignition, a local auto locksmith can usually help—and do so more quickly than a dealership!

Emergency Locksmith Needs

If you’re having issues with your car, but it wasn’t because of a collision, the next step for most is to call roadside assistance. If you run out of gas, they can bring you enough to get going again. If your tire goes flat, they can help you change it or tow you to a tire shop. But when you’re locked out of your car, most of us turn first to a local auto locksmith rather than roadside assistance. This isn’t necessarily wrong but, if you’re already paying for roadside assistance, you probably want to get the most from that service. Mobile locksmith services may or may not be considered roadside assistance, it all depends on your coverage. For example, if your roadside assistance agreement provides car unlocking coverage, that company will likely call a local mobile locksmith to provide that service on their behalf, and they will be the ones responsible for paying the mobile locksmith. However, if your roadside assistance policy doesn’t cover the service, you’re going to be better off calling a mobile locksmith, as roadside assistance will likely offer to tow you to a local repair shop or dealership (which is probably going to be more pricey).

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