As a reputable and widely well-reviewed Philadelphia Locksmith, we feel it’s our duty to help you steer clear of potential locksmith scams. We’re familiar with how most folks find a locksmith when they’re in a pinch: they google “locksmith near me” and whatever the first result is they click on it and call the number attached to the business. What isn’t acknowledged by many is that there are illegitimate locksmiths that are gaming the Google algorithms and taking advantage of the people who find them using online listing services. We don’t intend to direct you to search out the best locksmith for hours on end, because we know you need to get into your commercial business now. We would recommend taking a few precautions to protect yourself from the neighborhood thief parading as a locksmith.

Find Real Local Locksmiths

It doesn’t take much to call a locksmith and ask a few detailed questions and check their reviews. Listen for a specific name when they answer the phone and be wary of generic phrases like “locksmith services.” Casually ask for their business name, and if they can’t provide one, back-out of the call. Once you narrow down the search, just type in their business address into the Google search bar and see what pops up. If there’s another business claiming that’s their location, it’s probably not a real locksmith. If they don’t follow any of those guidelines and they have an 800 number, they’re probably not anywhere near what you’d call a “local locksmith.”

Check The ID

That doesn’t mean ask to see their driver’s license when they show up to let you into your building along with your patiently waiting customers. It means ask for their locksmith license. While Pennslyvania is not a state that requires a license, some locksmiths still have them. Though it’s hardly a qualifying trait, it can be an extra CYA tactic for you when you’re in a pinch.

Ask For An Estimate Immediately

If it’s a call-center scam locksmith when you ask for an estimate over the phone they’ll probably quote you from anywhere between $15 and $40. They famously bait-and-switch their client by promoting low prices and then gouging the customer once the employee arrives on-site. They’ll claim that “the job is more complicated than expected” and unexpectedly jump the price up. For an emergency locksmith call to come and help you enter your building at the last minute is usually a charge of $60 or higher depending on the work. If the price claims to be only $15, they’re intending to scam you upon their arrival.  

Find Out About Potential Up-Charges

Always inquire to find out if there are up-charges for emergency hour services, the mileage involved to get to the destination and what they charge for their service call minimums before you let them come down to assist you. Don’t let a locksmith insist that a lock needs repair without more details like what the repair for the lock would require or what the cost of that simple repair would be.

Contact Topnotch Locksmith

If this seems like an overwhelming process to consider while you’re trying to determine how to get into your still locked business without a key or with a broken lock, then just contact Topnotch Locksmith. We’d be happy to take care of your lock emergencies for a reasonable price anytime. Our quality commercial locksmith’s services in Philadelphia  help you avoid scams and help you open your business on time while effectively protecting what’s yours. Reach out to us for lock assistance today.