When was the last time you actually twisted your key physically in the lock to open or lock your car? Unless you are still driving a vehicle made in the mid-1980s or earlier, you probably don’t have reason to actually physically turn the lock to open it. Why bother, since most of us have those handy electronic key fobs? Thanks to technological advancements, some car locks will even disengage when the transponder key is nearby and a button on the handle is pressed. Of course, because clicking that little button on the key fob is routine for so many of us, it becomes really apparent when any part of that system breaks.

Lock or Transponder Key Issues?

If the battery in your transponder key dies, well, it might be annoying for a day or two, but that’s a pretty quick fix. If something is wrong with the lock itself, usually that’s a bigger cause for concern. However, there’s no need to place a frantic call to your dealership or local auto repair facility. If there is a problem with your vehicle’s locks, keys, or ignition, call your local auto locksmith instead! At Top Notch Locksmith, your Philadelphia Locksmith team can help out with vehicle lock and key problems to save you time and help you avoid that emergency appointment (and fee) at the dealership.

How Car Locks Work

The remote keyless system, the electronic lock system used in basically all modern cars, was first introduced in 1980 and quickly became standard. With this system, there is a small radio transmitter in your transponder key and a receiver in your car. When one of the buttons is pushed on the fob, a signal is sent to that receiver, which tells your car what to do. The reason your dealership will tell you they have to replace all transponder keys is because of the encryption that goes into the signal system—which is what makes sure your key fob will open only your car, not all the cars in the lot. However, dealerships aren’t the only ones who can program transponder keys properly.

Auto Locksmith Help

It’s a bit of a broad statement, but if it involves locks or keys, odds are pretty good a locksmith can help—and that goes for the locks and keys for your car too. We have the training to help repair a range of different issues with your car’s locks and keys, including:

  • Key help – whether your standard key broke or your electronic key fob isn’t working, an auto locksmith can help. Not only can we replace those basic keys, but we can also copy sidewinder keys and even repair or replace and reprogram a transponder key. That’s right, no need to go to the dealership for a new key fob!
  • Lock services – as with locks on your home or business, an auto locksmith can re-key your car’s locks. If a key happens to break off in the lock, your ignition sticks, or something else is wrong with your locks or ignition, we can help with that too!

If you need help with your vehicle’s lock or key, contact your Philadelphia auto locksmith team at Top Notch Locksmith today!