Among the top priorities for any homeowner, your home security should be near the top.  Makes sense right?  You have invested time, money, and passion into this asset. Protect it!  Your abode is one of the only areas you know your family, memories, and livelihood live.  During the interview process, in respect to burglars, they have begrudgingly admitted a few routine security practices can make or break their ability to enter your home.  Is the light flipping on? Well, we can help.  Take a few moments to learn more from the Top Philaldephia locksmith now!

Rekeying Locks

When you finally purchase your new home, whether you took time time to build it from scratch or it has been around for decades, your first though should always be to protect your new investment.  Take a moment to rekey all the outward facing locks, and prepare for a potential lockout ahead of time.  In all reality, this is a simple step to change to a new key needed, without changing the original hardware on your doors!  Most to all locksmiths should be able to do this in about an hour, two or three.  Even though you may think your new home is equipped, criminals may be a step ahead of you.  Ensuring your new home is safe, is one of the best first steps you can take.  Re-keying is one of the best ways to increase your home security as quickly and easily as possible.  Please remember to dispose of all previous keys since they will no longer function!  If there was a previous owner, landlord or if anyone may have gotten their paws on them, obsolete.  Your new home should no longer be a target!

Checking Lock Installation

Now you have checked the outward facing locks, the next steps: Deadbolts.  One may think this is an assumed installation where double-checking may not be needed. Do not be fooled.  Sadly, in respect to deadbolt installation, many contractors actually SKIP this step or do not properly install on the first time.  Whether they may have no lined up the bolt with the frame or simply overlooked, a strong deadbolt helps with not only physical security, but mental security as well.  A deadbolt is one of the toughest deterrents against thieves, at least initially.  Their is a plate which is screwed directly into your door frame which in theory should be directly attached with screws, at the simplest level.  Each screw should be near 3 to 4 inches long, and should help provide a great solution against greater force.  If your contractor may be using any screw less than 3 inches… you may be in trouble.  Size does matter in the screw world.  If you are not 100% positive if your door frame is up to par, reach out to a local locksmith to check and double check your door frame.

2019: Keyless Entry

If you believe re-keying may not be enough to keep you and your family at ease, definitely think about going keyless this year.  Now, we do understand, you may immediately be assuming, “Aren’t keyless systems for commercial or industrial use only?” Nay… simply nay.  Keyless entries have been entering the auto and residential space over the past few years!  What are keyless entry systems?  An example would be replacing your entire deadbolt system with a new keyless passcode system.  You will type in a password or code, which at your convenience, can reset whenever you would like.  Most commonly, garage doors come with keyless entries.  Many users, due to the need for increased safety, have been upgrading to keyless entry!  If you may be someone who constantly is misplacing or losing their keys, we may recommend thinking about this decision!  A really wonderful addition to the keyless entry system, multiple codes and remote access with an internet connection.  You can provide separate codes to your kids, dog sitter or anyone!  Specific code access can apply entry to specific areas.

If you may be looking for ways to improve your Philadelphia home security, contact Top Notch Locksmith in Philadelphia today.  Our tenured, and experienced technicians can help!