Locks are extremely imperative in keeping your assets, belongings or family safe.  Locks protect us every single day, and typically we do not take the time to truly understand their value.  The times we do take a deeper look, we are most likely in a precarious or unfortunate situation, such as a: car lockout, home lockout or needing a new transponder key.  In these types of instances, ensuring you have a strong connection or trust in a local locksmith company can make or break your day.  Locksmiths, while easily accessible are not the easiest to narrow down based on skill or tenure.  Typically you learn how great a locksmith is… after they have done their job.  Trust in Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, as the locksmith Philadelphia trusts and deserves to get you on your way.

Here are some ideas or steps you should take to find the best locksmith in Philadelphia.

Go to Google, type in “Locksmith Philadelphia”

If you are in a time of need, and need to reach out to an experienced, trusted and let alone reliable locksmith, your best bet is to check out your local map pages.  NOW BE WARNED, not all locksmiths who are nearby are credible.  It may take an extra click, but looking into the total reviews, reading comments, analyzing the star rating is imperative in your selection.  You do not want to have a locksmith you do not trust, potentially break or destroy one of your assets.  Take the time to do the research, and you will be rewarded.  Another quick way, call Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia.

Ask Your Family – Your Friends

If Google is a bit too confusing or overwhelming, our next best recommendation, ask your friends or family.  Fortunately/unfortunately, if they do live in the local area, they most likely have needed a locksmith.  This is great news for you since they can either recommend or in many cases NOT recommend a specific locksmith.  Unless your family is a bit untrustworthy, this is a great way to find a wonderful locksmith.  KEEP IN MIND, we 100% recommend to check out Google My Business to ensure this locksmith is actually credible or licensed.  Even though your family may have had a wonderful experience, it could have been a specific technician or a different type of job.  Do your research!

Did we say look online? Well look again!

We have mentioned Google a few times, and by far one of the most refutable sources for locksmith reputations, but did you know… there are more? Bing Local, Yelp, Top Rated Local, BBB and so many other avenues have reviews and feedback on specific locksmiths.  We would note, Google should be acceptable, but for the larger jobs, it definitely does not hurt to do your research on the preferred locksmith.

Always, always, ask for the quote first

This is just a great recommendation for any service based industry. Getting the quote up front or at least an idea of how cost is going to play a role is huge for anyone searching for a locksmith.  Yes… as we can expect not all locksmiths can adequately price a service over the phone, and yes… there may be some additional charges based on scope or situations the locksmith may not been aware of, but in general… getting a quote of the phone is huge.  If the locksmith refuses, politely let him/her know, call someone else see if they quote you.  If they do, go with them.  There is no reason to withhold a starting quote for a tenured locksmith, they should have seen it all.

Contact Our Philadelphia Locksmith

We completely understand, when locked out of a vehicle, home or business, its a bit hectic and your emotions are running high.  Our best bet and best advice, remain calm, do some quick research and reach out to a trusted locksmith company.   Keep in mind, Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia strives for the best overall pricing and best service.  We should be your first stop for all locksmith services in Philadelphia.  Don’t take our word for it, check out our Google my business page for more reviews and feedback now!  We look forward to helping you in your next time of need.