When something goes wrong and your locks jam up, it makes sense that you’d call your local locksmith. After all, they’re the ones trained to handle pretty much everything lock and key related. But when you’ve got a smaller job that needs to be done and it’s not necessarily a time-sensitive issue, it’s easy to think you can save money by going to your local hardware store and getting the parts to do it yourself. Of course, not every DIY job turns out as neatly as that online tutorial you followed. When making a cake, it’s usually not bad if it comes out a bit messy; it will still be tasty. However, when a DIY repair job on your front door lock goes awry, it could compromise your home’s security. In order to keep your home as safe as can be, it’s important to let the professionals help. Here’s why hiring a professional locksmith matters:

We Have The Training

In order to earn our certification or license, locksmiths have to learn a great deal about a lot of different locks, tools, and techniques. There’s usually a lot of training that goes into getting licensed and a pretty intensive test given by the state. Ultimately, what this means is a locksmith will be able to handle a key duplication, unlocking, or other standard job much more quickly than you could do the job yourself. And, because of that thorough training, a locksmith is a lot less likely to damage the lock, the door, or anything else.

We Know Security

The other side of our training and experience, of course, is that it means your local locksmith is also going to be a great source for security information. We learn about more than just locks; we also learn about security systems and other options to help secure both home and business. If you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s security, your local locksmith will help provide useful solutions based on your home or business.

We Have The Tools

One of the biggest differences between a DIY lock replacement and a professionally done job is the tools. Locksmiths replace and repair locks daily, so we invest in the right tools for the job. This means we can pop a lock open, replace a deadbolt, or extract a broken key from inside a lock much more easily than the average homeowner could. Having the right tools allows us to make sure we do the job right the first time, with less chance of damage, and get it done quickly.

We Are Insured

Sometimes, despite best intentions and experience, accidents do happen. If something goes wrong while you’re doing the job yourself, you’re on your own for any repair work as well. Professional locksmiths carry insurance so that, if something does go wrong, we’re covered and so are you.

So, whether you need us to come pop a lock or install a full home security system, it’s always a better choice to trust that work to the pros. If you need help in the greater Philadelphia area, contact Top Notch Locksmith today!