Top Notch Locksmith has been growing our customer base all over the Philadelphia area for years and we’re not about to stop now. Whether you’re in Levittown, Bensalem, Moreland, Abington, Warminster, or even in the heart of the Philadelphia itself, we’ll do whatever we can to get to you quickly.

Need a lock change performed at your office? We’d love to help you with that. Did you recently move and you’re wanting to change the locks at home? We can help you with that too! Have you experienced a frustrating lockout of your car, home, or office? Top Notch would love to come to your rescue so that you can go about your business in record time. Contact us today to schedule service or if you need emergency locksmith services.

When most of us think of a locksmith, we think of that emergency resource who can let us back into our cars, change our home locks, and get us a replacement key every now and then. These are the basics and fully we expect that any locksmith worth his salt can perform them with ease.

However, did you know that your Philadelphia mobile locksmith is capable of so much more than the basics? Most people don’t realize everything that Top Notch Locksmith can handle and in today’s blog, we’re going to explore some of those little-known gems. Continue reading below to learn more.


Broken Key Removal/Replacement

We’ve seen so many different cases and reasons for a key being broken off in a lock or ignition. Perhaps your key was old or cracked already and it just needed that final straw to break it completely. Maybe you don’t know your own strength and you twisted with a little too much force when the lock didn’t give right away. Whatever the reason for your broken lock, it can be an incredibly frustrating thing to have to deal with.

But not to worry; not only can your Bensalem locksmith get your broken key out of your lock or ignition, we can also help you with key replacement so that you’re not without the keys to your home or car. For help with your broken key, no matter where this mishap has taken place, make sure that you call Top Notch!


High-Security Installation

No matter what kind of business you’re in, you want to make sure that you, your employees, and your building are fully protected and secure at all times. Simple, old, or outdated locks at your place of business can be your property is more vulnerable to unwanted break-ins, and if that were to happen, you’d either experience a devastating loss of valuable assets or a frustrating lapse in normal business operations.

For business owners who want to avoid this vulnerability, we recommend the installation of high-security lock and key apparatuses. This kind of security can allow you to know exactly who is in your building at all times, track entrances and exits, and keep all exits secured at all times. Wouldn’t you love to adopt a keyless entry system in your building? We can help you make that happen!

Panic Bar Installation

Many businesses feel that they are better protected with the installation of panic bars on all of their doors. These bars allow quick and easy entrances and exits and they also have great locking mechanisms. Many commercial buildings are required to have panic or crash bars installed in all of the doors to stay within the fire code regulations. For an easy method of entering and exiting your Philadelphia commercial building, contact us at Top Not Locksmith.


Re-Keying Your Car

Though it might be obvious that a locksmith might be able to easily perform a residential or commercial lock change, many people don’t realize that Top Notch Locksmith can also perform an auto re-keying. To ensure that the same key that unlocks your doors will also start your car, our mobile locksmiths will change the locks on your car doors and trunk, as well as changing the key portion of the ignition. For all of your vehicle’s lock and key needs, contact us today!

Transponder Key Programming

A trend that started in the 90s, the transponder key is an important part of the modernization of the vehicle. Even before the invention of key fobs that will lock, unlock, and arm your car’s alarm, transponder keys were revolutionizing the car keys of the time. The idea of the transponder key is a simple one: it is programmed to start only the car that it is associated with and won’t be useful on another car, or if it somehow loses its programming. If your transponder key has stopped working properly, you can bring it to the experts at Top Notch to have it reprogrammed quickly and efficiently.

Key Fob Replacement

In addition to transponder key programming, we also specialize in the replacement of automobile key fobs. In this day and age, we’ve become accustomed to being able to use a remote to start our cars, open our trunks, sound the alarm, and so much more. We’ve gotten so used to this convenience that when we lose the ability to lock, unlock, or arm your car, our daily lives can become a little bit frustrating. Our amazing team of mobile locksmiths is able to replace your key fob so that you can get back to the ease and convenience of having your remote back. Contact us for help with your car’s key fob!

Contact the Experts

We love being the company that is constantly impressing people with our many little-known services. Seeing the relief and surprise on people’s faces when they realize that we’ll be able to help them in their time of need, is one of the best experiences that we can have!

If you’re in need of any of our locksmith services, whether it’s something you read about in this blog, something you read about on our site, or you’re wondering if we can perform another service, contact us at Top Notch Locksmith today! We’d love to come to your rescue!