Mid-December to mid-January is one of the busiest travel times of the entire year. Whether it’s for business or fun, more Americans will be packing up and heading out, across town or across the country. Unfortunately, home break-ins also go on the rise this time of year. Don’t let worry for your home ruin your holiday vacation! Instead, try these professional locksmith tips to better protect your Philadelphia home while you’re gone.

Check Your Locks

Many of the burglaries that occur, especially this time of year, are crimes of happenstance rather than planned ahead of time. You’ve likely heard stories on the news about thieves who swipe packages from porches and mailboxes. One step up from that is burglars who will walk down a residential street and try the doors of any homes that look empty. If your door isn’t locked, or the lock wasn’t installed well and can easily be forced open, a home security system may not be enough to stop a burglar from breezing through and taking your valuables. Before you head out on your trip, have a professional locksmith inspect your locks and repair or replace any that need a bit of help.

Re-Key Exterior Locks

When you go out of town, it’s common practice to ask a neighbor or friend to grab your mail and check on the house, and they need a key to do so. After so many years of that arrangement, it can be hard to keep track of who has a key to your home—and, if you don’t know who has keys to your home, the answer could be anyone! This goes just as much for those who recently moved into a new home. Re-keying your home is a quick and simple way to make sure any keys floating around out there won’t work on your home anymore and helps better secure your home.

Don’t Hide Your Security

Many would-be burglars will do a cursory look around your home for a security system before attempting to break in. While you don’t necessarily need the big sign in your front yard, you also don’t need to take the time to hide every camera and sensor. Burglars will be on the lookout for those more than a sign, and the visible appearance of security system accoutrements is more likely to deter potential burglars. While you’re at it, install a few motion sensors on your exterior lights as an additional nighttime deterrent.

Pretend You’re Home

This is a major point that technology can help fake-out burglars. These days, timed light switches aren’t necessarily enough on their own. If you’re concerned about home break-ins, especially if you don’t have a security system, embrace technology as a way to make it appear that you’re home even when you aren’t. This can include things like wi-fi connected light controls, but also less commonly thought of things like remote controlled TV and stereo settings. Being able to change the channel on the TV or turn on music are often signals that you’re home, even if you aren’t.

But that’s not all! Be sure to stay tuned to the Top Notch Locksmith blog for further ways to secure and protect your Philadelphia home this holiday season. For personalized home security suggestions, contact us today!