Thanks to options like Airbnb or VRBO, it’s easier than ever to rent out your house as a vacation rental to make some extra money now and then. Even something as infrequent as renting out your home while your family goes on vacation becomes a pretty simple process with those online vacation rental sites. The extra money from renting out your home can supplement your vacation savings fund, help with your bills, or whatever else you decide to put it towards. However, the biggest concern most have, and the thought that holds them back from that extra income, is how to keep their home secure after entrusting their keys to strangers. Whether you want to rent your home out as a vacation rental or you’re just looking to ditch your keys, keyless entry offers the secure solution you’re looking for to improve the security of your Phiadelphia home.

What It Is

A keyless entry system is a replacement for your door locks that is powered by a keypad rather than keys. Think about the last time you were at a hospital, bank, or other building with secured areas. Did you notice a keypad on the door that restricted access to prevent the general public from walking right in? A keyless entry system is essentially the same thing, but made to function on an outward facing door. As an added bonus, there are plenty of keyless door lock options now designed specifically for residential use, so you can probably find something that matches your home’s current hardware.

How Keyless Entry Works

Most residential keyless entry systems are designed to replace just the deadbolt on your door, or a combination of deadbolt and doorknob. The primary difference here is that, with a system that replaces both deadbolt and doorknob, the doorknob will not turn at all until the right code is entered. Once the keyless entry system is installed, you can program (and reprogram) a code to that will disengage the deadbolt. This way, you can change the code as often as you wish, and no one else, even the locksmith who installs the keyless door lock, will know what the code is unless you share it.


As we mentioned above, the biggest bonus to a keyless entry system is that you get to ditch your keys. If you’re going to be renting out your home, you can give your renters a code specific to them, then change it as soon as they are out of your home. This way, you don’t need to worry about someone copying keys or trying to return and access your home later. Even better, most modern keyless entry systems allow you to program more than one code at a time and, if you get a wi-fi connected version, you can even control those codes online. The internet connected varieties generally allow you to even track entries and which codes are used, so you can get an up-to-the-minute update about the security of your home.

If you’re interested in keyless entry for your Philaldelphia home, contact the Top Notch Locksmith team today to learn more and schedule installation!