Spare keys are fun, especially when you lose them!  Ensuring you have your backup is important, but in all reality – in respect to automobiles, there are not a ton of spaces you can keep a spare.  We will go through some examples you may already do or know, BUT we may shock you with some of the more clever locations.  While it is important to have a spare, calling a locksmith who can answer the call quickly, is pivotal.  Read more now

Where do you hide your spare key?

As we stated above, its important to feel safe.  We all understand, life happens, and losing your keys… just happens as well.  While we like to think, as humans, we are errorless, losing keys is actually quite common.  Ensuring your comfort, as well as safety for your asset is important.  Some specific locations where users hide keys are incredible, while others, are almost blatant.  A thief will most likely be looking into your vehicle to see if you have an items of worth.  Some may simply be looking for change.  The randomness of selection puts brand new car owners, as well as a 20 year old model at risk.

Some people, like to leave doors open when they head to the grocery store or at home.  Problem with this technique, a thief, if insterested, will most likely check every single door.  Even if you believe you are being clever with the backright door unlock, you will most likely be foiled.  Some users will crack their window, which will allow them to potentially reach in and open there doors in the act of misplacing keys.  Unfortunately, if your arm can fit through, so can the thief or a hangar.  Think of a time the police may have helped you get into your car, they most likely used a hangar or an air operated system.  Eitherway, the cracked window is not the best.  In a newer move, past 20 years, a lot of people have tested the magnetic box beneath your car.  The idea is brilliant: find a piece of metal, pop the box on, retrieve if needed.  Even so, this technique is not pristine.  Any bump, jolt, scrape or hard knock of your vechile or undercarriage can dislodge the box.  As a drive of your vehicle, the chance to actually hear the box dropping, is pretty dismal.  We do recommend giving an extra key to a close family member or perhaps keeping a spare in your purse, but most of the time, a car owner is stuck!

Call Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia

A huge advantage to our Philadelphia locksmith company, we are local, and have been local.  A few locksmith companies in the area are not stationed locally, and thus the time to get to you, is immense.  Another major advantage is our price.  As a locally, and family owned business, we are able to set our own rates.  If you are locked out of your vehicle, need a spare key or simply have questions on safety, we are more than happy to help.  Call us today!