Welcome back to another thrilling blog from Top Notch.  24/7, every single day, we strive to provide excellent service to Philadelphia, and its residents.  While focusing on residential lockouts, commercial lockouts, rekeying, we do spend a large majority of our days helping users get into their vehicles.   From changing locks, to key programming, to key replacement, we are here to serve.  No matter where you are located, no matter what the situation may be, we are here to help.  Looking for the best philadelphia locksmith? Contact Top Notch Today.

Auto Lockouts – The Worst

We understand, being put out of your vehicle is not only aggravating, but depending on your specific location, could be extremely troublesome.  If you do happen to experience an automotive lockout, ensure you are in a safe location, and reach out to an expert locksmith. (cough cough, Top Notch Locksmith).  Once we arrive on a quote, we will be there within minutes to help get you into your car, and on your way.  Timeliness, and price are the most important factors to us.  We want to ensure we are driving the best overall quality, but also the best price!

Broken Car Keys

Whether you may have broken your car key off in the door, chipped it against an age, or chipped it while picking something out of your teeth, obviously this is frustrating.  In 2019, users may experience a sense of turmoil thinking about their new car key.  How can they fix it immediately?  Do not fret, our technicians have a multitude of machines and programs to help get a digital print of your key, and get a new one made as quickly as possible.  There is another way: the ignition.  Truth be told, once we are able to get into your vehicle, our techs will be able to understand your exact key based on your ignition.  We then are able to get your key cut to exactly what you need.

Key Programming

Luckily, as most of us are, we own vehicles made in the past 20 years.  If you are a part of the majority, most of our keys will come with transponders.  Ensuring your transponder is working effectively is pivotal to getting your car started.  If you are looking for an additional key fob or a replacement, Top Notch Locksmith is happy to help!