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Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith Advice – Pricing Your High Security Locks

Right off the bat, we want to mention, “You get what you pay for!”  This is ever-present in the security industry.  This may be an age old tale, but an important one.  If you are looking to protect your commercial business or property, do NOT skimp on protection.  Think of the hundreds to thousands of dollars you put into your commercial business/property daily/weekly/monthly/yearly!  You do not want to run any momentum or savings by not getting the best locks.  When we speak to not getting cheap locks, we 100% recommend getting locks which are higher priced.  Why?  They are more durable and much more secure locks.  Makes sense.   Keep in mind, with some commercial door lock brands, you may be paying a bit more for the actual brand name.   This then leads to higher costs.  As a top Philadelphia commercial locksmith, we want to help clear the confusion on the best types of locks.

When you are looking at the specific costs, specific types of locks have prices which are only correlated to one aspect of protection.   These locks inherently use cheaper materials, and this is to make sure the total price stays low.  Be attentive, and ask a lot of questions.  A great question to ask, “What is the lock made of? What are the actual specs?”  Some of the largest components to actual lock creation are the actual type of metal used and how much quantity of metal is actually incorporated into the lock itself.  The more metal, the better the lock.  Its a given!  Now, we are more than happy to help, but please remember, “If you buy the lock, someone will have to install it.”  We 100% recommend using a trusted and insured Philadelphia Locksmith, just like Top Notch.

Top Brands – Door Locks

We do not have all the lock manufacturers listed below, but some of our top recommendations.  Based on our experience, and use of each individual brand, we do recommend looking to or specifically using some of the brands below. With experience, comes knowledge.  Take the advice from the locksmith!

Medeco Locks

When we are speaking to a brand which tends to stand out, Medeco definitely hits the mark.  This brand is quite easily purchased on the internet or within locksmith shops.  While being quite well-known, they also offer a serious volume of commercial deadbolts, and commercial cylinders.  Remember the note on the metal quality?  Medeco definitely does not have a problem providing the utmost and pristine types of metals.  We would like to note, with all of the benefits, they do lack a bit internally.  There have been notes of not having the strongest internal components, but if you want to look to cost- they are set.  As one of the more cost-effienct types of locks, they are better than the competitors near or at this price point.  While, like most companies, errors have been made in construction, Medeco has come a long way, and have dramatically improved their products overall.

BiLock Door Locks

As one of the most well-known door locks for consistency, BiLock definintely is a step above.  Criminals most likely have run into many problems trying to break in, pick or bump these types of locks.  Why?  This brand uses a key-system in every level/type of their products.  Since they are consistent, criminals tend to have a boatload of trouble accessing. Clever right?  If you do plan on purchasing a BiLock product, you can rest easy on the inability to duplicate this key system, which is a plus.  The tradeoff, their interior is not the most known for durability.  Like any brand, they need to analyze the overall cost, by what goes into their products.  A great brand overall!

Abloy Commercial Door Locks

If you are looking to a brand with a premier disk detainer, Abloy has them.  Disk detainers make picking the lock a lot tricker with false and true gates which inhibit a user from completing the break in.  To be as detailed as possible, they have a brand/product which has NEVER BEEN PICKED.  You heard that correctly, never been picked.  Ask about their Protect2 lock.  The overall strength of this type of lock is above and beyond the other brands.  When we are speaking to durabilty, strength, and structure, Abloy locks 100% are the best around.  Abloy is tough, and will be able to stand up to almost any break in, and definitely lock cuttting.  While a bit more expensive, definitely worth it!

Mul-T-Lock Locks

As one of the front runners, and overall innovators of the pin tumbler design Mul-T is an incredibly strong brand, no pun intended.  They are the eptiome of structural security for door locks, which help protect commercial businesses.  With the dedication to detail, they ensure their products lack the ability to be cut or drilled.  By far an extremely well-invested brand.

Getting In Contact Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit more about the pricing/brand types of specific commercial locks.  We hope this was informational.  We do assume their are a few questions, and we would love to answer them!  Get in contact with Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia today!