If we are speaking to the changes over the past few winters in Philadelphia, most would not smile.  When we think of “winter squall” or “snowstorm” or “global warming” most shrug their shoulders and simply consider this is a normal time of year for Philadelphia citizens.  So what there is a polar vortex swirling around?  So what we have white outs?  So what we have below freezing days where kids cannot go to school solely based on the inability to stand outside on the corner.  Well, this should not come as a shock, during these periods your automobile, whether in a driveway or outside in general, takes the brunt force of tis type of weather.  The door handles, the door locks, the windows, the gas tank, pretty much the entire car in our area can become a complete sheet of ice.  Crazy right?  This is where you may need some advice from our Philadelphia locksmith on tips and tricks to “break the ice”.  No pun intended, but seriously… read on.

No Pun Intended – Our Philadelphia Locksmith Can Break The Ice

The Palm Of Your Hand

If you happen to come upon your door handle or automobile door which is frozen, we do recommend a first step.  Perhaps simple, but let us start slow.  We recommend simply pressing on the frozen spot, ever so lightly.  See if you can start to “pump” your hand up and down.  Essentially you are looking or more so listening for a potential cracking noise.  Like breaking ice… go figure.  Make sure your palm is completely flat, pro tip.  If you are able to pull off this simple technique, you should hear a resounding crack which should allow the lever to start to move back and forth, thus, you getting into your car.  Like we said, start slow, and start nice and simple.

Use An Object – Chip It

Second attempt, if the ice is nice and coated or a bit thick, and your hand will not be able to do the job, we do recommend trying to chip some of the ice away from the vehicle.  Especially, if you traversing our beautiful city in mid January. (we have all been there).  If you have an ice windshield scraper in your car, a credit card, a book, or something with an edge, this would be helpful.  Please do not use any hard metal which could potentially crack your window, your handle or your car’s exterior paint.  Think about the cost!  You would prefer to just simply breathe on the handle for an hour instead of trying to get your car to the dealership for a paint job.  If you use a key, be very careful.  If it breaks, simply search locksmith Philadelphia, and ask for our rekey service!

Break The Ice With A Solution

If you happen to have a store brand type of de-icing solution or potentially a homemade solution, we do recommend attempting this as well.  There are a multitude of home solution remedies available on youtube. Living on a Dime To Grow Rich, shows you an example on Homemade Windshield De-Icer For Your Car.  The general rule of thumb is to use two main ingredients: water and rubbing alcohol.  Mix those together with the right amounts, and voila.  To break this down, this idea works quite well because alcohol in general has a lesser freezing point than normal water.  This, in lieu, causes our windshield filled with frozen water, to melt.  Now keep in mind, this can actually work for a multitude of locations on your car: car windows, car clocks, car seams, car trunk and more.

What is the boiling point of water?

This is a given in most everyone’s mind!  Just chuck some hot water on the sucker and be on your way.  Well… not exactly how this works with glass.  Be very careful because a drastic change in temp to a window can immediately cause a crack.  Even more so, it can actually have the same effect on door locks as well.  If its cold enough, and you are not quick enough, it will actually re-freeze.  One heck of a solution!  Another quick note, if you happen to have a crack in your windshield, we recommend not blasting the heat.  It is the exact same concept!  That small crack will turn into an extremely large spread.  No fun for anyone.

Men and Women: Blowdrying is a possibility

Now this may take a bit of time, and you may look a bit weird.  Yes, you will need to actually own a blowdryer, and most likely some batteries or an extension cord.  If you are quite familiar with how a blow dryer works, lovely.  If this is your first rodeo around a blowdryer, word to the wise, make sure you do not get an extension cord and drop it into a puddle.  We are talking about simple fixes, and not a trip to the emergency room due to an electrocution.  We would love to hear how this goes, and how long it takes!

Contact Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia

Of course, as a tenured locksmith in Philadelphia, we can have seen most to all types of iced over cars.  Do you remember last winter?  Some of those images online were insane!  Since we have seen most instances, we can actually help you a lot quicker.  If you happen to be in a precarious situation, and are in need of a locksmith, we can help!  Contact Top Notch Locksmith today!