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Our Top Philadelphia Locksmith Has Seen It All – Bad Tenants

Are you an apartment or a complex owner?  Have you had someone who no longer wants to live in your space or perhaps does not want to pay?  We hope there is a smooth transition away from these current/ex-tenants, but we also understand, sometimes it gets a bit intense.  Whether the tenant may not be able to pay or perhaps a lovers spat, in Philadelphia, things can get heated.  We want to ensure the property you own does not get damaged nor any trespasser no longer has the ability to enter the property nor the actual apartment.  As the top Philadlephia Locksmith, we have seen a multitude of calm, but also quite aggressive tenants upon exiting or trying to exit a lease.  We are here to help!  While legally, we are not obligated, nor should we, intervene in an aggressive or violent kick out, we want to give you some ideas to help get this process complete.  From your specific apartment, to the building, to the gate, their is potential to replace/rekey all.  Do not jeapardize the safety of your current tenants, with rude or volatile past tenants.  Here is how we can assist!

Rekeying Apartments

Most of the time, you make 1-2 keys for your tenants.  We understand this.  Even so, during a potential eviction or volatile situation, you may not be able to get these keys back.  If this is the case, you are leaving your new tenants in potential danger, and you…  in a potential lawsuit.  Use your noggin, and get a rekey completed.  We are able to show up same day, and typically, unless extremely unique, can get your apartment rekeyed.  Please ensure you know the current lock and bolt brand, this will help in overall execution.  Upon completion, you can rest assured, your tenants are safe.  Even if they have the older key set, there is NO CHANCE of a potential invsaion.  Sometimes, if an argument is ensuing to replace or give back the old keys, you can simply contact Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, and we will take care of it.  Let them keep the old keys, we will get you a new lock, new bolt, and new key set.  Be gone with your old tenants!

Building Keys – Yes… For Multi-Unit Complexes

While this one may make a business complex owner pull in a strong breath, we want to remind the importance of tenant safety.  Getting a new set of building keys to each tenant or multiple tenants within an apartmetn complex, is a lot cheaper than dealing with legal fees from someone who is trespassing on the property.  As a tenured locksmith in Philadelphia, we have worked with single buildings, as well as monstrous complexes with multiple buildings.  Since we have been in the industry for decades, we are able to provide affordable pricing for multiple keys and multiple door changes.  Please ensure, prior to calling you know:

  • Total number of doors (front and back of buildings)
  • Total number of tenants (in each apartment)

This will help us give an adequate quote, and thus.. get your locks updated.  While we do like to assume many ex-tenants are not volatile, simply pull into your deepest and darkest fears, and think of the amount pain and suffering you will go through with a potential destroyed hallway, lobby or even pool.  Yep, sometimes people can get quite heated, and we have seen it!

Front Gate – Getting The Entire Property Secured

Some complexes are quite large.  These complexes may have a front gate, and hopefully a keyless entry system.  Lets start with the first: front gate key.  As noted above, you want to make sure your tenants, staff, property, and assests are protected.  In light of an eviction, things can get a bit heated.  We can get multiple keys make quickly, and at a great affordable price.  If you are local, ask about our specials!  We will be able to get you the new keys, and potentially same day keys, for your tenants.  Now hopefully, and in 2019 should be, you have a keyless entry system for your front gate!  You may not need a locksmith to update!  Simply go into your control panel or contact the company brand, and get these updated stat!  They can’t damage your property if they can’t get through the front gate!

Contact Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia Immediately

If you are feeling wary about an upcoming, in process or post eviction, please do not hesitate to contact us now.  We do specialize in speedy response time with great pricing, but sometimes this is not enough.  If things are progressing to a volatile level, do not wait, call the police immediately, then call us.  Your safety, as well as your tenants, are extremely important.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today!