As we all know, most situations where a locksmith is needed, typically surrounds a high stress environment.  Most, not all, do not tend to use their decision making skills to the best of their capacity.  Its blunt, but very true.  The first note, before jumping into specifics, take a deep breath, remember everything will be ok, and you will get to where you need to be.  Now, getting past the more general note on being calm, we want to focus on the specifics.   Do not let fear, anxiety or anger get in the way of your decision making.  You may end up accidentally calling a company who is unskilled, unethical or just downright rude.  Take a moment, and read some note from the best locksmith in Philadelphia on how to analyze “who to call” in your time of need.

Paperwork – Licensed, Insured or Bonded

Clearly, this is an important factor, but almost 90% of the time, users will overlook this. Why?  The need to get unlocked and feeling safe.  Again, clearly an important factor, but overlooked.   Think about why this is important for a second.  Each technician must have done something to get these certifications.  Whether is extensive training, testing, government or state background checks, or key making machine training, these are not things to be overlooked.  When a locksmith is licensed and insured, if they happen to make a mistake, you are not out of luck.  Make sure to take the time and ask the question on the phone, its simple, “Are you licensed, bonded & insured”.  Do your homework!

Years of Experience

Of course, you can’t always assume someone who has 20+ years of locksmith experience may be the most ethical.  There are really great people everywhere, but also… some people who need some sunlight from time to time.  Keep in mind, when speaking to experience, always reflect to the above on licensed, insured, bonded, before you make your sweeping judgment.  However, we do generally understand, with experience comes expertise and skill.  You don’t necessarily need to pull out the BMW transponder handbook and start asking them for codes, but it may be wise to simply ask, “How long have you been working as a locksmith?”  If the company or user gets offended or hostile, you may already have your answer, if not, they will most likely have heard this question in the past, and will happily answer.  Most of the time, you should be able to judge someone based on their tone of voice or confidence.  Now, and a slippery slope, we don’t want you to jump at the most confident deep voice on the phone, but do your homework, as noted above.  Another simple question, “Have you done this type of work before?”  This is a polite way to get an idea on their years of expertise.

Can You Count On Them

This side of the coin can go in a multitude of directions.  We could start speaking to price.  Can you count on this individual, whom you don’t know to give you the best overall price.  This is definitely tricky!  Even the top Philadelphia locksmith, cannot always analyze everything over the phone.  To see if they are credible, simply ask if there are any additional fees with the service before booking.  Again, and noting an above statement, if they are honest and direct, they will let you know.  If not, and they may dodge the question, hanging up the phone may be wise.  We could also speak to timeliness.  WOW, is this a huge one.  Most locksmiths, if you do call, will be honest.  “Hey I am about 2 hours out from you, is that ok?”  This one… is harder to judge at face value.  Problem is, you most likely will not figure this out until its too late. No pun intended.  Yes, some locksmiths are so eager to get paid they will lie, and make you wait.  Clearly, you are at their mercy.  A wise piece of advice?  If they give you a time, and they are late – call them.  You may call to simply ask their ETA or directly cancel the service.  It may help to follow up with a text too, just to protect yourself.  Point being, make sure your locksmith is fully reliable.

Are they reviewed?  How many times?  Reviews are important!

This one doesn’t necessarily need the most explanation.  Honestly, before you call ANY business, you want to read their reviews!  Whether we are speaking to: Local Service Ads, Google Maps, Bing Places, Yelp, Top Rated Local, if they have a multitude of positive reviews, you can genuinely trust them.  Some review platforms allow the response by the owners as well.  If the owner happens to be responding to the reviews he/she may be receiving – DING DING, this is a clear indicator of a great business.  Remember, not all businesses will have a perfect rating, and there may be some bad responses.  We are human.  Even so, we can genuinely assume, based on quantity, the trust level of these businesses.

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Overall, our goal is to get you unlocked and on your way.  We want you to be safe, end of story.  Even so, it is still very important to look into the factors above before making your call. If you happen to use Top Notch, save our number in your phone.  You may need us in the future!