In these winter months, we’re reminded more than ever why our job is so important. Here at Top Notch Locksmith, we take this cold weather very seriously because we may be a life-saving resource for people who are locked out and left stranded in the elements. Making sure that our customers are taken care of is our business, and we don’t take our job lightly.

In our previous blog, we discussed some common reasons for needing a locksmith. Among many other reasons, people call us for car key replacement due to a lost key, home key replacement for broken keys, replacements for faulty locks, and to have spare keys made. We get calls all the time for all kinds of things, but there are definitely certain services that are more common than others. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at six more common reasons for folks to call their mobile locksmith. Continue reading below to learn more.

Accidental Lock Out

We’ve found that if you’ve never locked yourself out of your home or car, you probably haven’t lived. Rather, it’s a common thing to have happen and despite what many people believe, anyone can lock their keys in their car or their home. It’s not reserved for the incredibly spacey or thoughtless minds; it’s possible for anyone to make this simple mistake. We’ve found that many people get locked out when they’re distracted by something else. Either someone is on the phone when they lock their keys in their car, or they’re leaving their home in a hurry and don’t realize that they’re locking that front knob while the house key sits on a table in the foyer. When you do realize that you’re locked out, give our locksmith techs a call. We’ll get you back into your home or car in no time!

New Home Lock Changes

Another common reason that customers reach out to us is to change all of the locks in their homes after a recent move in. If you’ve moved into a new home, or you’re planning a big move, it’s highly recommended to change your new home’s locks to ensure that you’re the only one with access to your home and family. Having a residential lock change performed is such a small thing in light of what you could be avoiding by biting the bullet and calling us to do it. Make sure that you put your family’s safety first and give us a call as soon as you take possession of your new dwelling.

Lock Changes After a Break-in

We certainly hope that no one ever has to experience this traumatic and distressing event, but in the event that a break-in occurs in your home or business, it’s vital that you get your locks changed immediately. It’s possible that when the break-in occurred, the assailant got their hands on an extra key, so you definitely want to make sure that you update your locks. Additionally, if your locks were easy enough for an intruder to get past, it might be time for an upgrade anyway. Give us a call for your home or office re-keying. We’ll get you all take care of!

Transponder Key Programming or Replacement

Those of us who grew up in a time before transponder keys really appreciate the ease, convenience, and security that they add to our lives. We certainly love our transponder keys and it’s hard to think about how we survived before we had them. That is, until our transponder key gets lost, broken, or needs reprogramming. If you’re in need of transponder key replacement, we’re definitely the best call for you to make and we’ll get your new key to you quickly. If you’re needing your transponder key to be reprogrammed, we can handle that too! Contact us now for reprogramming or transponder replacement.

Though these are only a few of the reasons people in Philadelphia reach out to us, these are some of the most common. However, no matter what your need is, we will do everything we can to see if we can help. Making sure that our customers are safe, protected, and satisfied with our services is so important to us.

We’re the Best

If you’re needing a trustworthy, reliable, and efficient locksmith in Philadelphia, give us a call at Top Notch Locksmith! Our services are residential, commercial, automotive, and re-keying, so reach out to us now!