Welcome back to our blog page here at Top Notch Locksmith! We’ve been serving Philadelphia for years and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Knowing that we’re keeping good people like you safe, protected, and at ease is what gives our jobs meaning. For residential locksmith services, commercial services, key replacement, and automotive locksmith services, Top Notch has got you covered. Whether you’re here in Philadelphia, or are more spread out in the Philadelphia area, let us take care of all of your lock and key needs.

There are all kinds of reasons to need our services. We get calls every day from people for all kinds of things; some call us when they’re locked out, folks reach out to us when they need their homes rekeyed, and people contact us when they need a key replacement or a spare key made. But in all honesty, we help people in all kinds of situations and circumstances. In today’s two-part blog, we’re going to look at some of the most common reasons that people reach out to us for our locksmith services.

A Key That Is Lost

One of the most common reasons that people reach out to us for our locksmith services is because of a lost key. People lose their keys for any and all reasons and when that happens, finding a solution for them is one of our specialties. We offer key replacement for homes and automobiles and the process is fairly quick and painless. If you’ve lost a key, contact us now!

A Malfunctioning Lock

The locks in your home or business are extremely important for your safety, the safety of your family, or the health of your business. But when that lock stops being the dependable piece of machinery that it used to be, you might need to give us a call. There are many reasons that a lock might stop functioning the way that it should. When a lock gets old, worn out, or damaged, it’s common for it to need replacing but waiting to have this work done is pretty risky. When a lock is faulty, it won’t do its job well and this could lead to frustrating circumstances, such as a break-in. You definitely want to make sure that you get your faulty locks taken care of.

A Broken Key

What is the most frustrating thing to happen when you’re trying to get into your house or start your car in a hurry? We can’t think of very many more annoying and life-hindering events to occur on a daily basis, than a broken key. If you’ve experienced it, you completely understand where we’re coming from. You stick your car key or home key into the lock, try and twist it, and it proceeds to partially or completely break. We understand how frustrating this may be for you, but we’ve seen it all before and we’re more than equipped to handle it. If your key breaks in your lock or ignition, give us a call and we’ll get your old key out, and issue you a car key replacement, or a new home key. Don’t let a broken key ruin your day, give us a call!

A Spare Key

Living your life with one set of car keys or a single home key is an extremely big risk to take because the probability of you needing a second key at some point in your life is pretty high. Creating spare keys for people is a service that we’re more than accustomed to performing. Many people give us a call because they simply want to have an extra key for their car, home, or business. If you’d like to have a spare key made, contact us at Top Notch.

There are all kinds of reasons for people to reach out to us, and we love coming to the rescue of people all over the Philadelphia area. We do so much more than just letting people into their homes, cars, or businesses; in part two of our blog series, we’ll discuss a few reasons people have for needing a locksmith.

No matter what your lock and key needs are, Top Notch Locksmith is here for you. We’d love to be your first call when you need car key replacement, lock changes, or any other lock and key service. Contact us today or check out our website to see a list of our services!