As you walk to your car, still chuckling about the jokes, stories, and catching up that took place over lunch, you reach into your pocket or purse for the keys to your car. Your smile starts to fade as your hand grasps for the familiar feeling fob, but it’s not there. A quick pocket pat confirms the fear that has crept into mind and stomach, and you know that the keys are still inside the care before you even see them there.


At some point, almost all of us have found ourselves in this, or a similar situation: places to go, people to see, work to get back to, and you’re stuck here frustrated and worried. At Top Notch Locksmith in Philadelphia, we help people in situations just like this with their auto lockout and emergency locksmith problems every single day. But as much as we love helping people get back into their car and on their way, we wish that we weren’t busy doing it. After all, while you’re waiting for our speedy auto lockout tech to arrive, you’re still losing time that you likely had plans for.


In today’s blog, Top Notch Locksmith in Philadelphia, we will look at five ways that you try to avoid an auto lockout situation that costs you precious time or leaves you in a dangerous situation. However, when you are in need of help, Top Notch Locksmith is here to help with, fast, affordable, and proven auto lockout services in and around Philadelphia.

Keep A Spare Key On The Car

What if you weren’t locked out? Or, what if you were, but you had the solution close at hand? That would save you time, money, and a fair amount of stress. Keeping a key on your car is a great way to make sure that you can avoid an emergency locksmith call to get you going. That’s right — ON your car. While this solution might not work quite as well with newer cars that utilize a fob or keyless entry, it’s fantastic for most model years before about 2012. 


You can place a key on your care a number of different ways, however, we must be clear that mounting a spare key can come with some risks, such as someone else discovering it and using it to enter or steal your vehicle.


There are two common ways to mount a key. The first is to fix the key to your vehicle somehow. Often times, people will take a spare key and place it behind the license plate of their car, tightening down the license plate firmly when finished. When you lock yourself out of your car, all you need is a screwdriver or penny to access your spare key and get going on your way.


Another way to mount a key is to get a magnetized duplicate and stick it somewhere on the frame or chassis of the car. We recommend placing the key in a recessed area that is impossible to see without getting under the car and is unlikely to accumulate much dirt, ice, or other debris that might cause it to come loose.

Know Your Vehicle

Make sure that you know your vehicle well. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, a single click on your fob’s lock button might not lock all of the doors. The same might be true for the unlock button. By making sure that you know the details of how your individual car’s locking systems work, you may be able to recognize the problem, or the solution, before needing to contact a local locksmith in Philly.

Keep Spare Keys Nearby

If you’re uncomfortable with mounting a key onto your car, don’t worry. You can still keep spare keys in places that you frequently spend time, such as work, the homes of your family, etc. Leaving a key at a place where you spend a lot of time means having a key available in a good chunk of the circumstances you might find yourself locked out.

Give A Key To A Friend

By making sure that a trusted friend or relative has a spare key to your car, you might be able to make your first phone call to someone who can come and help for free. Of course, they might be busy with work, school, children, or any other plethora of distractions or obligations that may prevent them from coming to your aid. When that is the case, Top Notch Locksmith is here to help.

Try To Access Your Car Before Calling

Although it might seem like a long shot, make sure to check that you truly don’t have any means of access to your vehicle before calling an auto lockout locksmith in Philadelphia. Have you tried to open all four doors? Have you checked to make sure that your trunk is locked (if it offers in-cabin access to the car)? Have you stopped for a moment to double-check pockets, purses, and space you just left to make sure that your keys aren’t just difficult to find? 


While we are always happy to help, we know that our clients aren’t always happy to discover that they paid for an emergency auto lockout service when their keys were sitting on their desk at work, a mere hundred yards away from their parked, locked car. Always do the double-check.

Still Need Auto Lockout Help? Call Top Notch Locksmith Today

If you’ve done these things but still find yourself in need of a reliable and speedy locksmith in the greater Philly area, then make sure to get in touch with Top Notch Locksmith today. We’re here to help when you need it most.