In this day and age, it is literally impossible to keep track of everything, let alone your personal, financial or asset security.  Even with the addition of smart phones in the past 20 years, seems to have moved us away from keeping things secure, and same inside and outside your home.  I mean think about it?  The amount of daily distractions are daunting!  Whether you are waiting on a waiver wire to update your fantasy football team, scrolling through your Facebook feed or contemplating lunch, securing your home or garage door or locking up, can be overlooked.  DON’T WORRY, its why we are here.  We are here to give you a general prod in the right direction to remember to keep your family and your home safe.  Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia wants to ensure you are locked up tight!  Think of the potential little things: flipping a latch in your basement windows in Philadelphia, make sure you keep an eye on your garage door as it closes – all the way down.  You better believe anything can trigger the sensor and keep your garage door wide open for burglars.  If you can do a check of your home, and ensure your are set, you will be helping yourself long term.  There is no need for an October or February break-in to your home.  If you put it into perspective, your fantasy team can wait, but your home is important to protect.

Take a look at a few of our recommended checks below:

#1 Take A Look At Your Computer Hard Drive

At this point, 2019, ensureing you have a backup of your most important documents is pivotal.  ANYTHING can happen to your computer or files at home, and a backup of your files are imperative.  Do a check and ensure your hardrive is backed up to ensure you do not lose anything!  Even an accidential lightning storm could fry your computer.  We would also strongly recommend in getting a backup hardrive.  This will allow/ensure you always have your files, and acan easily be transferred wherever you would like.  We also recommend adding data encryption to your hardrive.  Essentially, a lock on a lock when you are not actively using the hardrive.  Its an old saying, but an important one: Better Be Safe Than Sorry.

#2 Your Prized Possessions

Now, we do understand, some of your assets or heirlooms are monstrous.  No.. you don’t need to dig an underground vault, but the fact of the matter is: KEEP YOUR POSSESSION SAFE!  A safe or a smaller vault can go a long way to asset protection.  Furthermore, especially if you are leaving for a few days, do not leave any valuables outin the open: diamond rings, jewerly, documents, watches, etc. Be smart, be safe.

#3 Your Power Equipment

Did you know, power tools are quite costly!  Did you also know, our Philadelphia locksmith hears stories all the time of users who leave their garage doors open, and get entire power sets stolen.  Garage raiding, they call it.  Think about it, in your garage, do you have a bench, are your power tools sitting on it?  Do you have hangars? Are your tools hanging?  Most likely!  Some of us do have an actual cabinet, but if its not locked, what’s the point.  Many burgalars wait until the holiday season, then pop in, and take what they want.  Think about someone backing up to your home, getting inside, and looting your equipment.  Get a chest, get a locked cabinet, get something!  To keep your assets protected.

#4 Your Hard Earned Dollars

Yes, inside the home is the best spot, if you won’t use a bank.  You can put it beneath your mattress, but keep inmind, almost everybody and their mother knows this location. So, we do not necessarily recommend it, at all.  Do  not keep documents about, keep them safe in a hidden section of the home.  While you may deem yourself clever, by hiding your cash, it would be pretty easy for an experienced thief to come into your home: loot and be gone.  Keep your things locked, and away.

#5 Your Daily Medication or Medication In General

This is a given, especially if you have children; however, think of junkies or drug addicts.  Not all burgalars our out for our money or power tools, some just need their fix!  If you simply have a cabinet, with your pills, they could all be taken within 2 minutes.   We would 100% recommend in investing in your home security to ensure these are protected.  Whether it is a simple pain killer or potentially something life saving, ensuring your meds are set is extremely important

Residential Locksmith in Philadelphia

Get in tough with Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia to start getting your home prepped with more advanced locks on the exterior, and recommendations for your interior.  We would be happy to help!  Contact us today to learn more now!