Between holiday parties, guests coming to visit, countless errands to run, and that one last trip to the grocery store before, there are a multitude of things to keep track of and prepare for. With all those to-do lists compiling and your day-planner filling up with events across Philadelphia, it can feel like you can’t even keep track of what day it is. All that crazy adds up quickly, and with so many disruptions in your usual routine, it becomes easier and easier for things to go wrong. The last thing you want to deal with, especially at this hectic time of year, is calling for help when you accidentally lock your keys in the car! In order to avoid hassle this holiday season, here are a few of our favorite tips to keep things in order and avoid a call to your local locksmith:

1. Create a Key Routine

One of the most common calls we get, especially this time of year, is from frantic holiday shoppers who are locked out of their cars or houses. Or, perhaps, in the hullabaloo of a holiday party, your keys have gone missing (or accidentally gone home with another party-goer). While it’s easy enough for your local locksmith to come pop the lock and perform some quick key replacement, that’s a lot of hassle to go through. Instead, create a key routine, so you’ll be less likely to lose them. Try attaching a lanyard or one of those bluetooth tracker keychains to make your keys easier to search out. When you go home, have a dedicated spot to place your keys, and make sure they go to that spot as soon as you walk through the door. If you’re out and about, same thing; find some routine place to put them (the same pocket in your purse or coat pocket, for example) and get in the habit of checking that spot before you lock your car. It will help minimize the risk that your keys are stuck somewhere they shouldn’t be.

2. Fix That Finicky Lock

The other big issue we see a lot this time of year is from people who need key replacement or re-keying because something has gone wrong with an exterior-facing lock or the key that matches it. Frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on metal, especially when there’s snow or slush falling. If you have a lock that likes to get stuck, now is the time to get it fixed! The unfortunate combination of low temperatures and precipitation means more people tend to break a key off in a stubborn lock this time of year. In order to avoid this, don’t try to force your key if the lock won’t turn; eventually, this will wear down your key and it could snap off. Start by finding a way to safely thaw the lock, as warming it will help the tumbler turn more easily. Or, better yet, call your local locksmith and get that lock fixed before it becomes a bigger problem.

3. Re-Key Your Locks

How many times have you gone on vacation and left a key with the neighbors or a friend to watch your house while you’re away? If the answer is “a lot,” it’s definitely time to re-key your home. Who knows how many people out there might have an easy way into your home, and that can be problematic. Re-keying locks simply changes the tumbler, meaning you’ll need new keys but not new lock hardware. But, more importantly, it makes it so any past copies of your house key will no longer work. This is a quick and easy way to improve your home’s security at a time when more home burglaries happen.

Of course, we hope none of these things hinder your holiday, but accidents happen. If you need emergency locksmith services, trust your local Philadelphia locksmith to help you out. Top Notch Locksmith is your local, experienced locksmithing team, so call us today!