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Unless you have been living under a rock, the COVID-19 pandemic has most likely effected every single person in the United States.   Whether it’s yourself you contracted the virus, family, friends or simply seeing other on social media, it has completely rocked our world.  Especially to those users who are continually working, and especially those on the front lines.  We respect and appreciate your service.  As a Doylestown Locksmith, we did have a slight lockdown in early March.  Even so, the industry opened back up, and people need to get unlocked from their vehicles, businesses rekeyed, and so much more.  Take a moment to read about some of the updated protocols on Covid-19.

Health and Safety Are Important

Regardless of the pandemic being present in our state, the nation, and the world, safety is the epitome of the locksmith industry.  Literally our entire business model is about securing your assets, keeping you safe, and ensuring life goes smoothly.  With the virus floating around, for now, we have taken a heightened sense of health safety as well.  If you call our locksmith company, we will ensure we show up wearing a mask, and if need be, we will use contactless/curbside approach.  Now please keep in mind, this is within reason.  Our technicians will need to be hands on with your locks or doors or potentially residence.  As a general rule of thumb, we do recommend any family members wear masks while we are present, and for the extra cautious, we do recommend not having family home while we visit.  Of course this is a tall ask, especially when you speak to certain circumstances: auto lockouts, home rekeys, businesses and more.  Long story short, our technicians want to keep you safe, and we want to keep ourselves safe.  As members of the Philadelphia DMA, and having family as well, safety is absolutely pivotal.  We bring hand sanitizer, and ensure we are 100% clean before approaching any home or business.  While this pandemic may be fleeting, we will insure you are safe!

Just Search Locksmith Doylestown

While we do take a safe approach in respect to the pandemic, we have heard some horror stories from customers who have turned away companies due to lack of virus protection!  Remember, you simply need to search locksmith Doylestown and look for Top Notch.  If you happen to call another business, completely fine!  Just make sure you are protecting yourself and your family.  Ask if they will be wearing a mask, ask if they have symptoms, ask ask ask!  While we like to position this question in respect to pricing, timeliness, and professionalism, the world has changed.  Any locksmith company who is taking the correct protocol will have no issues stating yes or no.  We are all in this together, and by no means should anyone be offended if you are trying to stay safe.

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If you are looking for a locksmith in Doylestown for any type of locksmith service, we can 100% attest to trusting in Top Notch.  We are licensed and insured.  We have service the local Doylestown area, as well as surrounding areas.  With multiple vehicles and locations, we provide one of the best costs overall.  We pride ourselves in respect to arriving on time.  If we are late or if we hit traffic, you can guarantee we will update you along the way.  We do understand how much anxiety can build by being locked out or trying to get locks updated.  We are here to help and we are here to serve.  While we are still in the pandemic we wish everyone the best of luck, but also be smart!  Get a free locksmith quote now!