Have you been locked out of your car recently?  Perhaps your key broke in the door or the ignition?  Maybe a bit more stressful with your ignition being stripped?  Do not worry!  Our Doylestown Locksmith is able to handle all and many more types of locksmith services.  Its what we do!  As a refutable, and licensed locksmith company in Doylestown we focus on providing the best overall experience for our customers.  From timeliness of arrival, to pricing, to an award winning smile, we 100% aim to please.  Now when things do get a bit hectic or stressful we do insist on trying to stay calm.  A calm mind is able to make educated decisions.  A hurried or nervous mind can make rash decisions without intent.  As a tenured locksmith in the area, we have seen it all.  Something which has come up recently and a bit more in 2020, arriving at a job and multiple locksmith companies are there.  Yes!  This is starting to happen more and more in our area.  While it may make sense to have multiple locksmiths at a single job, this can lead to issues, altercations, and overall – you will not get yourself out of trouble quicker.  Here are a few tips!

Ensure One Doylestown Locksmith Is Arriving

As noted above, we completely understand the need to get help fast.  Hell, in any situation which raises the blood pressure you want to feel safe and secure.  We completely understand.  While currently in the Philadelphia DMA it is absolutely freezing, your safety is very important as well.  Its cold, it may be dark, you may in a new neighborhood you are not familiar with, we completely get it!  In light of the need for help, it may get a bit confusing if you call multiple locksmiths.  You may forget you asked not simply one or two, but three locksmiths to come help!  The brain is very powerful, but will also go into overdrive when you are stressed.  Please keep in mind, Top Notch wants to go above and beyond, but if we are walking into an assumed job and we see another locksmith company… there will have to be a discussion.  We want to ensure you are calling a quality locksmith who gives you the best service, but also the best price.  As a few other blogs have noted, pricing is pivotal in the locksmith business.  We have been serving the great DMA for a long time.  Our business model is set to offer low and competitive rates.  Other new companies have up charges, hidden charges, and more.

Price Battles – The Good And The Bad

Whether the intent is present or not, pitting two companies against each other may seem like a great way to get the best possible price.  To be honest, we do recommend, on the phone prior to arrival, explain a prior quote given.  If you are doing your due diligence and calling multiple companies, we always recommend to ask.  If you get a lower or higher price, Top Notch wants to hear about it!  We will explain our pricing model and why certain tasks or jobs are set.  Now if this is not discussed over the phone, your front yard or grocery store parking lot may turn into a bit of a scene.  We always act in accordance with being professional and focusing on your safety, but we also want to ensure you are not getting robbed on pricing.  If we show up before or after another company, we assume the quotes for pricing will be different.  Not necessarily awkward, but also the situation could get a bit heated.  We want to ensure we are set to work for the jobs we are hired for.  Other companies may get aggressive and your assets could be compromised.  Long story short, please remember to only ask for one company to arrive.

Contact Top Notch Locksmith Today

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a refutable locksmith, do your research!  You will be happier and you will on your way much faster.  While accidents happen, we can almost guarantee if multiple companies arrive, there will be issues.  This does not happen a lot, but definitely a bit more in the recent months.  Make sure you contact the best and singular company for the job.  As always, get a free locksmith quote now.