There is nothing more aggravating than being taken advantage of.  Whether you are being sold a service or perhaps purchasing a product with a bit too high of a price, everyone wants to make the best and most educated decision.  While many Americans, let alone people who live in Doylestown, work extremely hard to earn a living.  Honesty, integrity, and overall positivity do flow through a lot of people, and we do truly believe the best in people.  However… there are definitely a fair share of people who like to take short cuts, let alone cheat people.  We all see it daily or weekly in general, but within the service industry, the horror stories never stop.   Locksmiths definitely get a bad rap overall.  As an industry focused on anxious situations where speed is a necessity, unfortunately many companies do take advantage of users.  Its something you can prepare for, and there are checks you can make in order to protect your assets, your time, as well as your pocket books.  Whether you are looking for a locksmith in Doylestown or perhaps a commercial locksmith in Philadelphia, read some helpful information below on how to prepare yourself, next time you need a locksmith!

Are they even a real locksmith?

During a time of frustration or panic, you most likely want to make the quickest decision.  Most of the time, and of course not all, this decision can be made in haste.  We get it, your are panicked, you are late, you are cold, whatever reason… you may not be thinking clearly.  Our best recommendation, even in the bitter Doylestown winter cold, take a breath.  Try to relax.  Take a moment to compose yourself.  There are many locksmith companies in the Philadelphia DMA who pose as one company online, but a completely different company behind the scenes.  Now, a locksmith is a locksmith right?  Wrong.  They may not be insured, they may not be licensed, and they may be ready to take advantage of you at your weakest point.  Our best recommendation is to ask as many questions as possible.  Do a quick company search to see if they have Google maps pages.  If so, check out there reviews, see how long they have been in business, make sure they are who they say they are.  Truth be told, if you wait for 30-45 minutes and anyone who calls themself a locksmith shows up, you will most likely pay whatever they are asking.  Don’t get caught in the waterfall effect!  Ask the questions you need to.

The Price is the Price is the Price

Now, this may not necessarily be a scam, but more of an up sell approach.  Here is how it goes: you call in, you let them know the issue, the company either says a price or simply says a technician will come out.  Once the technician arrives, all of a sudden there are additional charges or hidden fees or something.   Of course, you may not be focused enough to ask about price or getting a quote, but more so just looking for help.  As above, our best recommendation is to ask questions.  Ask what the service quote is, ask if there are any additional charges, ask if the locksmith needs to charge more for more equipment (locks) or a specific service, ask!  The best result?  They give you news or pricing which is too much, and you call another company.  Worst case?  They lie and you can then refute or report them.  Long story short, it is imperative to get a full scope of what you may be receiving or not receiving before you hang up the phone.  The operator who answers should not be trying to push you off, but more try to lend a helping hand!

Touch base with our Doylestown Locksmith

As a local locksmith, we do not want to hear any negativity about the industry let alone someone locally who was scammed or up-charged tremendously.  Do your part!  Do your research!  Rest assured, if you contact Top Notch Locksmith PA, we will be there quickly, come with a great agreed upon price, and a warm glowing smile.  Of course, if we are not 100% sure of the job, we will note their may be additional charges.  We will give you an estimate, and we will be 100% honest.  We look for the long term relationship, not the short term steal.  Contact Top Notch Locksmith for a free locksmith quote today!