If you own firearms in your home, apartment or residential property, our Bensalem Locksmith recommends you own a firearm safe.  There are just too many instances in the past and/or possibilities for accidents to happen.  Let alone the thought of theft, keeping your family safe is a priority.  Think if you child got a hold of your gun, and potentially injured themselves or another.  Its a scary thought!  As a locksmith Bensalem can trust, we also recommend for any commercial business or property you also install a gun or firearm safe.  Think of any potential calamity of disaster which could unfold at your place of business.  Not only potential harm to your employees, but destruction of property, lawsuits, its endless.

Overall – Withhold The Ability To Access

As noted above, if a gun or firearm is left unattended it may fall into the wrong hands.  Now whether this is speaking to theft or a family member, the rule holds consistent – Keep your firearms away from people you don’t want to hold them.  Kids, friends, family – anyone.  In our opinion, and unfortunately the most common, children tend to access firearms which are left in a drawer, under the bed or in a closet.  Children’s brains have not evolved to the point of understanding the potential dangers between TV and real life.  Now think about grandchildren or other children who may not be your own.  Actually, lets pull back and “not” think about it.  The point of this blog is to buy a gun safe, and you should do so immediately.  Overall the best way to protect the people you love or to protect your assets or even your weapon, is to purchase a gun safe.  Simply put.

Home Invasion or Theft

As any criminal should be aware- guns, firearms, weapons are NOT cheap.  Its something they can potentially scrub and sell to the highest bidder.  Most home invasions due occur when users are on vacation or away from their homes.  Most criminals do not want to be interrupted while they go about their business.  With this in mind, you would want to make sure your guns are in a safe.  Yes, your other belongings may get stolen, but keep your weapons safe as well, just for this reason.  Even better, get a safe which cannot be carried or moved.  Large rifle safes are a great investment if you can keep them in your home.  Our Bensalem Locksmith recommends 100% having a safe on the property for the sake of a potential robbery in the future.  We could go into a plethora of other specifics on protecting yourself in a home invasion, but we have specifics to talk about.  Guns.

Residential Home Fires

Now something which may be a bit farfetched, but definitely a realistic event: home fires.  Now, clearly during a fire you grab your family, pets, and potentially belongings.  You won’t have time to remember your guns.  Now the best part?  Most gun safes are fire retardant and should keep your belongings safe and functioning!  A bit more of a stretch but also a reality, the gun can misfire.  This could of course yield to any negative thought an author could create, but fundamentally, keep your family safe.

Use The Safe For More

As noted above, fires can happen, and having the ability to protect your belongings is pivotal!  Now, unless you have an entire arsenal of weapons, we recommend adding some valuables into the safe.  These safes are strong, durable, and fireproof.  They can be used as a multi-purpose approach!

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(photo: Jay Rembert)