If you happened to get locked out of your car, we 100% recommend calling your local bensalem locksmithTop Notch Locksmith Philadelphia has two locations, and Bensalem is our second!  Supplying affordable quotes, timely service, and above and beyond customer satisfaction, allows us to stand out from the crowd.  If we happen to be a bit further away or simply working with other customers, we do “recommend” some long time techniques below.  BE CAREFUL!  If you happen to damage your vehicle trying to get back in or perhaps break something off, this will be on you.  Even so, while we do like to epitomize being professional, these tricks do work.  Take a moment to read some of the top ideas below.

New Cars vs Older Cars

Once you have come to the realization you may have locked your set of automobile keys in your vehicle, we can understand… this is clearly not the best day.  On top of this fact, you are most likely late or will be late in the near future.  If you have an older make or model, this may be a repetitive or quite familiar feeling.  On the opposite side of the coin, newer vehicles make it quite difficult to actually lock your keys in your car.  Newer car owners can attest, but older car owners may be baffled.  Let us explain.  Simply, when you lock your keys in your car, the transponder keys actually do not allow your car to lock.  Pretty cool right?  Unfortunately, we are not all in a position to purchase or own new vehicles, so in these trying times, we must resort to a few tricky moves to get on our way.  For example, if you happen to see your keys on your seat, know they are in your middle console or perhaps in your trunk, these tips can help.  Keep in mind, we do recommend using a locksmith, but before you perhaps freak out, check out some of these methods below.

The Ol’ String Technique

The first and most affordable tip: string.  Yes, before you chat your friend, mother, significant other or teacher?… make sure you have a ball of string handy. You may save a bit of money instead of reaching out to a locksmith.  Again, and again, be very careful with any technique, damaging your vehicle is by far the last thing we want you to do.  The video below, from http://www.bigstills.com, shows you how to get into your vehicle with this tactic.  The simple way to explain is to get a knot created in the part of the string, then create some sort of circle of loop with a finger near the end of the rope.  At this point, you start to maneuver the bit of string next to the window.  If you are still following, you then grab onto the rope/string with both hands, make it slide back and forth, as if you were trying to saw a tree.  If you happen to complete this move, the string will drop down towards the inner portions of the vehicle.  Step 1 complete.  If this is confusing, please watch the video.

At this point, you have done the “easy” part.  You will now need to lasso the loop around the lock, then make sure it is taut.  Easy enough right?  At this point, and hoping for a very secure noose around the lock, rise up the string nice and easy.  If all goes to plan, BOOM, you are in.

Then again, if you do not have a interior lock which is pull-able or able to be noosed, we recommend skipping to the next step.

Coat Hanger Approach

Why was this not number 1!  We understand, but if we are speaking to simplicity, the string takes the cake.  This old tactic has probably been noted in a plethora of cinematography. Simply grab a coat hanger, wedge or a tool from the belt.  (preferably pliers).  If your fingers are strong enough, simply use them!  Good luck :).  They first step is to get the coat hanger unwound so you have a straight side, and a hooked side.  The goal is to then CAREFULLY move this coat hanger down the window and in-between the stripping.  Once you have your hanger below the actually passenger/drive side window, you can start to try and find the arm of the door.  Once you achieve, try to yank or pull open.  If you are lucky, you will have made your way in.  Be very careful not to scratch the glass or any exterior paint.

Police Officers Use A Door Wedge Too

We recommend having a wedge like object or tool which police officers use, locksmiths use or are recommended.  If you happen to be a tough situation where none of these are present, please look towards a strong wedge.  You will need to use superhuman strength to pull open the top portion of the door, and jam the wedge at the top.  We say jam, but carefully place the wedge at the top.  At this point, if you have the ability to get into the vehicle, use any type of tool to “fish open the lock”.  A hanger, a rope, anything to get that sucker open.  If you can find the window button, press on that, anything!  We want to be very clear, this tactic may cause damage to your vehicle.  Life or death, take a shot.

Call Your Bensalem Locksmith

We want to reiterate again, calling a locksmith is by far the smartest thing you can do.  Typically, we can arrive within 30- 60 minutes, and get you on your way without damaging your asset.  Clearly, this is the most important factor.  If not, please be careful, and try some tactics above!  Contact us today if you have any questions.