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Changing Your Locks in Philadelphia

If you’ve been the victim of a break in Philadelphia, then there’s no time to waste when it comes to getting your locks changed and making your home more secure. Or maybe you’ve just decided you want a new look or a little added protection, whatever the case may be, at Top Notch Locksmith, we can find an option to help assure your home is safe.


What You Get With Top Notch Locksmith:

  • Caring customer service - We know that anytime you have to call a locksmith, whether it be because of a lockout, a break in, or simply a broken key, it can be stressful. We do everything we can to help put you at ease.
  • Fast service - Part of putting you at ease is resolving your broken lock quickly.
  • Professional servicemen - We know letting someone into your home can be stressful, that’s why we strive to be on time, well kept, and respectful.
  • Service around the clock - We’re here for you 24/7

When You Should Change Your Locks

There are a variety of scenarios that could present themselves and leave you feeling like you should change your locks. If you’re concerned about your safety, then we’d encourage you to go with your gut and change that door lock. Rekeying your door can fix your problems if you’re concerned about a lost key, but with most other situations, you can only truly increase your protection by getting a new or altogether better locking system. Residential or commercial, it’s more than worth the cost to protect your safety and your assets.

Of course, changing your locks isn’t always life or death, here are a few scenarios where you might want to change your locks.

Changing Locks for Better Security

The first and most important reason most people change their locks is to upgrade their security overall. Simply put, there are a wide range of lock types, and you might have one of the earliest versions. While many older locks are sturdy enough, they’re simpler for thieves to pick, and if they’re old enough they could break down from the inside. We have a lot of old locks in our city, let us make sure yours aren’t too out of date and help you prevent future break ins.

Matching Your Locks to Your Style

Sometimes, changing your locks isn’t so serious, but with style as with security concerns, there are plenty of times where you might want to change your lock simply because it’s old. With homes and businesses that are still standing from around the start of our country, you may want locks to fit your modern interior design or ease of use needs. We can get you the most stylish finishes on some of the smartest locks available.

To Create a Master Key

It’s nice to be secure, but you also might not want to feel like a janitor every time you pull out your keys. Changing the locks so that brand and style match is a simple step towards creating a master key for your home or business, then all you’ll have to do is rekey the locks to match the same key.

Contact Top Notch for Your Lock Changes

If you’re looking to change the locks on the doors of your home or residential business, then reach out to the professionals at Top Notch Locksmith in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Our locksmiths will schedule as soon as possible and have your locks changed before you know it

CALL: 215-607-7709
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