Do you enjoy carrying your keys from location to location?  Do you prefer to accidentally lose them or leave them somewhere you have to return to?  Are you a business owner who needs to update their security when employees are terminated?  Do you perhaps own an apartment complex which needs to be updated with new locks yearly or perhaps for specific safety reasons?  The locksmith Doylestown trusts and needs will 100% recommend a keyless entry system! These upgraded locks allow for a multitude of needs by residential owners, commercial owners, multi-family home owners and so much more.  It is no longer the 1900s, we are living in an upgraded world, and we fully recommend looking into this type of lock for your business of family.  These keyless entry locks are able to replace the potentially old device or hardware with ease.  Out with the old look, function, and feel of standard locks and keys, an in with the new digital age.

Our Locksmith in Doylestown notes, “Think about the benefits!”

Think about the benefits of being able to update your entire property with the push of a few buttons or an app.  Think of the benefits of not allowing yourself to ever be locked out of your home (unless you are quite forgetful).  These updated locks have the ability to simply need a few digit code to enter or update.  Have you seen the back of a TV recently?  All the wires and plugs, and a bit chaotic?  One may think keyless entry systems are robust and very confusing, but in all reality they are decently simple to operate once installed.  These systems are sometimes electronically powered with the wiring of a home or business and some are powered with batteries, some have both.  Even though they may appear to have a direct connection to your home, they will continue to operate should your house lose electricity or power.  As a friendly reminder, there are a ton of keyless entry locks.  A lot of brands, styles and more.  The most powerful and trusted keyless entry systems are not able to be utilized through a phone, but actually a stand alone system.  While an app, noted above, may be a great way to connect immediately, these can be suspect to hackers or skilled users who want to break in.  End of the day, our locksmith in Bucks County 100% recommends to use a stand alone.  You of course can choose a system which matches the color of your home or business and of course you can find the best size.  We do recommend asking or looking into a specific key which allows you to update the system in one fell swoop.

Need a keyless entry system for your home? We can help!

Keeping your home, house or residence protected, is of the utmost importance in this day and age.  While we do enjoy working and living in Bucks County, we cannot always trust every single human being.  Keyless entry systems allow you to have peace of mind and comfort when you may be relaxing with the family, but also away from your home.  What is peace of mind worth to you?  We truly believe… a lot!  As a family company we fully recommend upgrading your home to protect your family, your assets, and realistically… your life.  Whether you are looking for a nest keyless entry system or perhaps a schlage keyless entry lock, upgrade your home for your family.  Remember, these types of locking systems are electronically set to function as a lock.  Other than the override key, this is absolutely a “keyless” lock, go figure.  As the months and years go by, more and more residential home owners are upgrading their standard locks to a keyless entry system.

“No Standard Keys Needed” says this Bucks County Locksmith

As you have most likely understood with the constant repetition of this page, these types of locks require no keys!  You don’t have to sit and worry about where you left your keys or who may have stolen your house or car set, you are worry free.  While peace of mind is extremely important, the non use of standard keys is such a luxury.  Update your standard locks today!  Now we mainly spoke to residential homes on this page, but please keep in mind the major benefits of these types of locks:

  • Whether you have a business or a multi-family home or even your house house, you can easily update your system without ever having to copy a new key
  • The speed of exit and entry does not compare.  If you need to run out of the house quick, go!  Hit one button, lock the house, and get out.  Do not wait or take a bit longer while you are trying to get one or two doors locked
  • These locks cannot be hacked or broken into (perhaps with a app connected with your phone, but not stand alones)

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We want the patrons of our lovely city to be safe and secure.  As we head into a new era, this almost calls or mandates for a new type of locking system.  Trust in the ability of Top Notch Locksmith PA to get you the best type of keyless entry system made for you.  Home, business, what have you, we have your back!  Contact our trusted service today.