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Did you know?  Movies have done an incredible job showing extremely high tech security systems.  These 100% included advanced or advanced, access control systems!  Did you also know?  These security systems are not specifically for the movie/film industry, but actually accessible and affordable by the general public.  Technology has really advanced in the past few years!  Due to this advancement in technology, business owners can now use keyless entry and set specific levels for each user.  Additionally, and we have been focusing quite intently on commercial, but homeowners can use keyless entry systems.  Front door locks, garage door, back door, the possibilities are endless.  Keyless Entry Systems offer so much more than simple security, but more peace of mind, as well as larger amount of control.  At Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, we want to ensure you keep your residential home, commercial business or any valuable asset safe, and protected.  The digital age is here, and we recommend you jump on it!  With any new type of lock or equipment, we can understand if there is a bit of confusion.  Do not fret, our tenured experts would be happy to answer any/all questions!

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If you have ever used an Airbnb or gone to a vacation home on the beach, you have most likely encountered a keyless entry system.  Remember waiting anxiously for the owner to reach out with the code, mere days before you arrive?  Well, yep, this is 100% a keyless entry system.  This example is exactly why this type of security is used more and more.  You would have to meet or use a lock box to get the key elsewhere.  Brilliant right? It is actually starting to turn the needle on what type of keys make the most sense for the industry.  Even so, the industry is actually moving away from a key in the door, and moving towards full digital.  If you do not have a keyless entry system, you will soon!  Did you know?  Keyless Entry systems vary from the standard key and deadbolt system.  They rely on a digital keypad vs actual physical keys.  You get it :).  A main reason these entry systems are so popular is due to the ease of use to program, and reprogram.  You can setup multiple codes, it simply makes things a lot easier.   Not only time, but also cost.  You don’t need to get your place rekeyed every single time a family stays.  Yes, this may seem extreme, but this is the past/present/future we are living in.  Just think, you never have to worry about losing your keys again.  Just simply being able to remember your code.  If you do forget, you can all the security company who operates the entry system.  They will take you through a few security questions, but should be able to provide a password or unlock code.  Technology is wonderful.

Commercial Electronic Key Systems – Locks too

Lets be clear, the setup process for electronic key systems are definitely a bit more complicated for commercial properties than residential  homes.  To start off, businesses potentially do not own the entire building, therefore, they need to restrict specific access to areas within their office space.  In theory, they can’t simply  restrict access to the building, since they do not own the entire building.  Remember, a keyless entry system can be added in any door inside the building.  This will give you the ability/power to allow users to enter and others users who cannot.   The amount of increased security for your commercial property, strip mall location, stand alone building or more, cannot be compared to a normal lock and key.  In the idea of the non-residential side, keyless entry systems may use a digital keypad or may simply rely on key cards for data.  If you must have the ability to control access multiple areas of your building, ask Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia who can help set these action items up!

Philadelphia Locksmith – Auto Keyless Entry

The idea of auto keyless entry does read a bit weird?  Like learning a foreign language, sometimes the translations do come back a bit different.  Think about it a bit more?  A transponder key or a remote key is essentially a keyless entry system (if you want to be very literal).  Another type of keyless entry are button codes on the door handle.  You are able to hit a singular button, walk away, and not worry about someone breaking in.  You can even leave your keys in the car, and safely assume (as long as the code is a secret) no one will enter.  Upon return, you can punch in a few keys, and bam, you are in.  Keyless entry is an incredible upgrade to your car.  Now also keep in mind, and noted in other areas on the website, not all vehicles are equipped to be keyless entry.  If you aren’t sure if your car or truck can be adapted with this type of lock system, we fully recommend reaching out to our locksmith team.  We would be happy  to answer any/all questions!

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If you may be looking to increase the level of security within your Philadelphia home or commercial property or perhaps looking to secure a school or church or even your car, keyless entry is 100% the way to go.  There are just too many advantages in comparison to negatives.  If security isn’t the major reason, well comfort should be right after.  Some people will lean in either direction, and we would be happy to break down more information than listed on the site.  As tenured locksmith in the Philly DMA, we have worked near every single make and model, and have experience with almost all types of keyless entry systems for residential and commercial properties. All you have to do is call!  If you already know you are interested in this type of approach or would like to break it down further, contact Top Noth Locksmith Philadelphia today and get more information!