Key Replacement Services

Losing a key is one thing, but getting the key replaced due to malfunction or chipping in the design, is a whole other annoyance.  Think about getting a new key or perhaps using an older key, and it just chips.  How aggravating!  Did you know?  Back then, we used to have to get our vehicles towed by a company, you must pay, and then pay outrageous key cutting prices.  It is pretty nice technology has evolved to allow key cutting as a mobile unit.  Top Notch 100% takes advantage of having multiple mobile units in the area.  If you have an import model, the costs can be through the roof!  Sorry BMW owners.  Now as technology has advanced, getting your keys cut correctly is a whole new monster.  With the advancement in car keys and their respective ignition systems, simply filing down the key may not do it.  Many keys have a microchip inserted which requires special programming.  What a hassle!

Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia

Luckily, if you utilize a premier company such as Top Notch, we are up to date with all industry standards.  With yearly certifications, testing and more, you can ensure the quality of product and service is the epitome of perfection  You will not need to fret whether or not our company has the tools, technology or time to get the task done.  There is nothing worse then breaking a key or needing a replacement and the locksmith technician is either inept or does not have the time to get the task done.  Trust in our Philadelphia Locksmith to get your task done quickly!

Reasons For A Key Replacement

There are almost too many reasons for one to need a key replacement.  We could start with some examples which are more basic, you lost your key.   This is a pretty common reason to need a key replacement in Philadelphia.  You may have been at an event or party, and left your keys.  After heading back the next day or even that same day to look, you cannot find the set of keys or specific key anywhere.  Another example would be losing the key inside your own home or property.  In other blogs and pages onsite, we do note adding some tracking to your keys with a small device, may be a huge peace of mind for your keys.  If you happen to lose the keys, we can get you a key replacement, not a problem.  Whether we are speaking to residential keys, we can offer hundreds of different types of keys.  If we are speaking to commercial, there are almost too many options to note which may be perfect for your business. With so many variations of doors for a business, the amount of keys is comparable as well.  As a locksmith in Philadelphia who has worked in the DMA for a considerable amount of time, we have made  many partnerships with key companies.  This allows us to get the best prices possible on single keys or sets.  Please keep in mind, we are able to get discounts for buying in bulk.  If its just you, of course you may only need two keys or two sets.  If you have a larger family, and perhaps are a bit forgetful, we 100% recommend to get a few sets.  You could have multiple hiding spots or give them to multiple people.  It is not uncommon for a request of 10 sets.  Who do they all go to?  The neighbors!  Somewhat humorous, but pending on your town or city, and the level of comfort, this isn’t too outside the box.  There are many reasons to need key replacement, but always make sure to reach out to an expert locksmith service.

Why are we the best?

Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia are one of the only premier locksmith companies in the Philadelphia DMA who can cut/replace most to all automobile keys.  Yes, we did say almost, but there are a few which require manufacturer updates.  We should have you set with the rest.  One of the major qualifications of being a Top Rated Local® Philadelphia Locksmith, is being adept in our service  industry.  We have invested thousands of dollars and time into understanding the newest and most advanced key cutting equipment, new programs, and new industry standards.   This allows us to give the best possible customer service, and more so, the best possible key cut.  Unless manufacturer only, we will never turn you away for a key cutting job.  Since we have more licenses, more years of experience, and up to date machinery, we can handle any/all types of keys.  Whether or not you have a: Toyota, Jeep, Chrysler, Audi, Honda, Kia, Mazda, Subaru, Lexus, Ford or any other domestic or import, we should be able to knock it out of the park!

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No matter where you may be in the Philadelphia region, Top Notch will be there to help get you to where you need to be. Do not keep paying dealerships insane prices for what we can do for a fraction of the cost.  In all actuality, the key distributors allow locksmiths, dealerships, police and more to use their services.  A major note to think about, the dealer up charge.  Most dealers will use a premium price for a key replacement, when the locksmith is able to get a much better overall cost.  Remember the note on bulk purchases?  Not exactly logical for a dealership.  Either way, always price match any company vs another. Whether we are speaking to key replacement for your residential home, safe key replacement, auto key replacement or commercial key replacement, our tenured locksmiths can handle it all.  With years of experience, and annual training updates, you can ensure we will get the job done right the first time.  Do not waste your money or time on other companies who simply want to make a buck.  We are here to improve the livelihood of our Philadelphia residents.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.  Contact us today!