Having an iron gate entry is the epitome of perfection.  We can all admire some of the iron wrought gates which protect sprawling mansions, commercial properties, apartment complexes, multi-family homes, and industry facilities.  While we like to admire their stoic look, we can also almost immediately pick out if the door is damaged, broken or in need of repairs.  Clearly, if a general person can take notice of an error, a burglar will be able to detect almost instantly.  Clearly, this will put your asset at a major disadvantage.  If you are looking for gate repair or simply a Philadelphia Locksmith, do not hesitate to reach out to Top Notch.  Read more below!

High Security Wrought Iron Gate Repair – Locksmith Philadelphia

Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia clearly does more than simple car lockouts.  Being a tenured business, as well as a multitude of training courses over a 10 year span, gives us a bit of an advantage in respect to custom jobs.  We would be more than happy to help with a home lockout, business rekey, new transponder, and more, but we realize, you are here for a reason.  We completely understand, a broken gate is not only a nuisance, but a huge security breach.  Getting this gate updated/repaired is pivotal.   This asset is clearly placed for a reason, and is a major portion of security for your location.  We understand the gate must be good condition and must be functional.  If you potentially need wrought iron gate repair in Philadelphia, we are the company to attack!  From repairs to the actual frame, recommendations on metal workers, applying metal screens to weaker areas, and more, we take the time to adequately assess the problem.  Even if we cannot provide an immediate solution, we would be happy to help point in the right direction.

Weld Work and Wrought Iron Entrance Repairs

Speaking to a more extreme type of gate repair, the welds can potentially break down or rust, and must be replaced.  If your gate remains stuck open, stuck closed or maybe scrapes across the ground, clearly you have a problem.  You might as well put up a sign asking users to enter your location.  Thieves, burglars, neighbors or anyone could simply just walk in.  Do not let this happen!  This iron gate is most likely the front runner of your home, business, apartment complex, to not allow unauthorized users to enter.  If this isn’t working properly, you are leaving your assets in potential jeopardy.  We service and repair gates for:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Apartment
  • Multi-home
  • and more!

Contact Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia

Whether we are speaking to iron gate repair or an auto unlock, Top Notch is the best locksmith for the job.  Being one of Philadelphia’s most tenured locksmiths, we have seen it all.  If you are interested in getting your iron gate repaired, please ensure you get a team who gets the job done efficiently, timely and for a great price.  We 100% recommend shopping around on price.  Since this is a bit more of a custom job, prices will most likely range based on expertise.  Trust in Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia to get the job done!  Contact us today!