High Security Commercial Door Locks: Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith Tips

If you are looking to improve your overall security for your commercial business, we do recommend a few types of high-securty door locks.  Keep in mind, when looking for a new piece of hardware or a new security system, the brand, type, and function is extremely important.  As the top Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith we want to ensure you are advised, and directed to choosing the best protection for your business.  Learn more below on which types of locks to purchase, and moreso, why.

The More High-Security Door Lock Traits, the better

If you may be in the market to shop for a high-security lock, we want to urge you to look into the specifics.  Not all locks were created the same, and it is a bit more complicated than simply popping into the local department store.  You will need to look into each brand, and each type of lock within the brand to find the best lock for you.  There will be specific characteristics each lock holds, and ensuring you have the proper lock for your commercial business, is pivotal.

Please keep in mind, and we want to ensure full comprehension, you do NOT need to hit every single check mark below.  These are simply guidelines to help guide you in the correct purchase.  Many high security locks do have strong components from the below list, but not all.  This is completely normal, and fine.  The best high security locks should encompass a few of the specifications below.

The Door Lock Cylinder – How Complex Can You Get?

If you may be looking to how intricate a door lock cylinder can be, you should be trying to put yourself into the criminals mind.  How easy will this be for them to break open?  Can they pick the lock?  Think about it like this, the more intricate/custom the door lock cylinder, the more difficult it will be for criminal to achieve their desired result.  Keep in mind, they do have a few tricks up their sleeve: picking it, using force, key impressions of lock or even the classic “lock bump”.  Most locks should be able to fend off feable attacks, but if the criminal is a bit more tenured, you may be in trouble.

With this in mind, all types of locks can be broken into.  Clearly, you want to ensure this does not happen.  The more intricate, the more custom or complex the commercial door lock cylinder is, the harder it will be to open.  If you do go extremely custom, there are only a few people in the world who may be capable of opening.  However, if you are simply looking for a keyless entry system , you will not need to fret with the commercial door lock cylinders.  This is known.

Metal – The Importance Of A Strong Composition

If you are looking for an extremely durable lock, you must ensure you understand the type of metal used.  This is pivotal for the sake of ensuring your commercial property is fully protected.  While you may go to the lengths to try and recommend a type of metal, typically you should be able to tell the durability by holding the lock.  Generally, a heavier type of lock is stronger.  They do not use cheap parts such as plastic in creation.  When plastic is used, typically these locks are not as strong, and not as expensive.  Keep in mind, if a lock has empty space in it, you are most likely losing a level of protection.  Strong and durable commercial door locks should be extremely heavy, and should not scratch when touched.  Don’t skimp on quality, try to get the best protection possible.  As the best philadelphia locksmith, Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia can assist!

Strength Of Your Bolt

Now, we have discussed the strength of the actual lock, but we need to note, BOLT STRENGTH!  The bolt must be strong enough to take on the harshest and most extreme break in attempts.  Think about someone who tries crashing through a door or jumping and doing a monstrous kick, the bolt needs to be extremely strong.  If you high security door lock is made of steel or even better, hardened steel, you are in the right place.  Do you remember your favorite castle movie?  If they had a battering ram, would your door hold?  While this may be slightly humorous, it does serve a point.  Bolt durability and strength is pivotal for your protection.  Not only does your door lock need to be sturdy enough for a blunt blow, but also needs to be strong enough to not be cut!  Many criminals, who utilize tools, can actually cut through weaker door bolts, thus entry.  We do understand, this is far and few between, but if they have the tools for success, you may be in trouble.  make sure your bolt is just as strong, if not stronger than your door lock!

Who Is The Keeper Of The Keys?

Copying keys is extremely simple.  If you are taking the time to invest in a strong, durable commercial door system/lock, make sure you are focused on your keys.  Who has them?  How many?  Are they… patented?  Making sure the keys have a “dor not copy” on them, will restrict someone from easily making a copy.  If you happen to have a patented key, most general copies will not work.  You must get direct authorization for the business owner in order to make.  This helps protect tremendously.

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High-security door locks are pivotal for any commercial business.  As the top commercial locksmith in Philadelphia, we like to ensure every client has a solid understanding of lock types, quality, price, and brands.  We do have a neighboring blog, which speaks to Pricing For High-Security Door Locks.  If you are looking to speak with a locksmith specialist, please do not hesistate to reach out to us today.  Contact us now!