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Though we offer a myriad of services, it’s normal for people to only think of the basics when they’re considering reaching out to us for locksmith jobs. We’re known for letting people back into their homes, business, and cars when they’re locked out. We’re remembered as the guys who provide high-quality lock changes after a move or break-in. We’re also known as the people who can give you a spare key or offer you key replacement at a moment’s notice.

As much as we enjoy providing the Philadelphia area with the basics when it comes to locksmith services, we’re also able to perform a number of other residential, automotive, and commercial locksmith tasks. Among many other services, we’ve been able to assist motorists with key fob replacement and we’ve helped local business owners with their master key systems and panic bar installation.

The Panic Bar

The installation of panic bars is definitely an important service that we offer. Panic bars (crash bars) are exit devices installed in the exterior doors of businesses to allow easy and quick exiting for customers and employees. Since many people don’t realize the interesting history associated with this apparatus, let’s look at the history of the crash bar/panic bar.

The Need for the Panic Bar

After a devastating stampede that claimed 183 lives at the Victoria Hall in Sunderland, England, Robert Alexander Briggs invented a panic bolt which was granted a UK patent in 1892. Though this invention began gaining popularity in Europe, America still maintained old systems for commercial exits. It was only after several devastating fires in commercial buildings in the U.S that we finally saw a more widespread implementation of the crash bar system.

Implementation and Usage

With the updating of national fire codes, by the end of the 20th century, most countries have requirements for commercial buildings to have a designated number of fire exits and emergency exits. Crash bars are the ideal solution to stampedes or quick, mass exits due to the fact that they’re easily opened with the simple pressing of the apparatus.

The invention of the crash bar has, undoubtedly, saved countless lives and we’ll be eternally grateful that more and more commercial business buildings are implementing them in their exterior exits.

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