At Top Notch Locksmith here in Philadelphia, we’re able to meet your residential lock and key needs by coming out to your home and providing you with excellent and trustworthy locksmith services. We’re able to meet your commercial locksmith needs to coming to your Philadelphia place of business and providing you with whatever service you’ve found yourself in need of. We’re also able to offer high-quality and professional automotive locksmith services in a quick and efficient manner. For a locksmith who can do it all, there is no better option than Top Notch Locksmith. Reach out to us today for emergency services or to schedule services for your Philadelphia home, office, or vehicle.

In part one of our blog series, we discussed the value of having a commercial locksmith whom you can trust. We learned about master key systems and we discussed the benefits of having it implemented into your business. We also discussed high-security locks and all of the reasons why they can offer a higher level of security to your office or retail building. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at a few more of the high-quality services that our Philadelphia commercial locksmith can offer to keep your business safe and secure.

Emergency Unlock and Access

As life-interrupting as a home or car lockout can be, becoming locked out of your business can be downright frustrating. A business lockout can bring about fears of not being in control and it can also cause interruptions in business dealings, operations, and other business functions that need to happen. And when we’re talking about something as precious to you as your livelihood, who has time to deal with a lockout?

Though the chances of being locked out of your Philadelphia business are slim, it’s still possible and as your local expert in commercial locksmith services, we want to make sure that your lockout is over as quickly as possible. Contact us today for all of your emergency commercial lock needs!

Panic Bar Installation and Repair

A panic bar is an apparatus that is added to commercial doors to allow customers and employees alike to exit with the simple pushing of the mechanism. Modern fire code standards require many places of business to have panic bars (crash bars) at one or more of their exits. Panic bars become popular in the mid-1900s after commercial doors either didn’t allow quick enough exits during an emergency or they ended up locking or jamming. If you need a crash bar installed at your Philadelphia place of business, contact Top Notch Locksmith today!

Routine Maintenance and Services

Sometimes, it’s good to simply have our commercial locksmith come out and perform regular and routine maintenance on your business’s security measures. Don’t wait for a lock failure or a break-in to occur before you schedule a routine maintenance visit from Top Notch. Contact us today to schedule your regular service.

No matter what kind of Philadelphia commercial locksmith services you need, Top Notch has more than got you covered. Make sure that your business is completely safe and secure today and schedule commercial services through Top Notch Locksmith today!